Gangs of Godavari is a mass movie and a pure entertainer, says Anjali


Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen is increasingly growing his fame with his versatility and committed performances. Now, he is coming up with an intense gangster drama, Gangs of Godavari. The film is all set to it big screens on May 31. Written and directed by Krishna Chaitanya, the film has actress Anjali and Neha Shetty play the female leads. Moreover, the movie is becoming even more popular because it has music by Yuvan Shankar Raj.

Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya of Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas, respectively, are producing the film, Gangs of Godavari. Venkat Upputuri and Gopichand Innumuri are co-producing the film while Srikara Studios is presenting it.
Anjali interacted with the media about the movie today. Excerpts from the interview:

*You will see me in massy avatar, I even used some cuss words. When Chaitu (director) narrated this to me, my first question was about the use of cuss words. I thought during censor they might get changed, but turns out everyone is talking about it now. I loved my character design. I asked Chaitu why he felt like narrating this story to me. Many people saw my girl-next-door, clam and sweet person. My role in Gangs of Godavari is completely different from what I did all this while. Our director was looking for a performance-oriented actor and he was very confident in me. I am happy it is getting a good response so far.

*I always wanted to do challenging roles. As an actress, even I get bored doing the same kind of role again and again. I was looking to do something different and I took this up for the same. My character in this film stands out separately. The way she speaks, looks, and behaves is way different from what I have done so far. I went no-make up for this film. Since it is set in the 80’s backdrop, we experimented a lot.

*It took time to get into the shoes of Rathnamala and I worked very hard for the role. Rathnamala is a complex role. She is somebody who reacts to everything. I took home Rathnamala’s character home many times. It was very tough to play that role. This is the mass version of Sita from Sithamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Rathnamala is pure by heart, very loving, and caring. I have the Godavari accent by birth, but in Gangs of Godavari, we don’t speak the typical Godavari accent. It is from Lanka side, their language is different and something which we don’t speak in day-to-day. It was tough even during dubbing.

*Vishwak and I have a connection in the movie. Even their names are interlinked – Rathnamala and Rathnakar. You will know after you watch it in theatres. In this movie Vishwak is loud, I am louder. My character is such in the film. Vishwak and I have been friends even before doing this movie, but since we knew each other it was very comforting working with him. Just like our characters, we were loud even on sets. Gangs of Godavari is a fun filled set. For me personally, I like to talk to other actors and that atmosphere is nice, so it was very fun working for this film. All this while we saw Vishwak in city boy roles. With this movie, that image will be gone. He also spoke Godavari accent.

*Chaitanya delivered what he narrated and it’s a very good quality to bring the movie love from script. Some directors write something, but on screen show something else, but Chaitanya did what he said. This will give Krishna Chaitanya a big break. Gangs of Godavari is an entertainer. It is a mass movie and a pure entertainer which will be enjoyed by the audience in theatres.

*This movie has two heroines, Rathnamala, Rathnakar, and Bujji are three different characters, and many emotions take place between them. There is a part 2 of this movie for sure. Discussions are going on for second part. Final submission of script and all is not yet done.

*Sithara Entertainments is a good production house in what we have right now. They are continuously delivering good projects. As an actor I feel Sithara Entertainments will create a special attention to the movie they are doing. The production house gives a lot of attention to their movies and they are delivering quality films. For this movie, this production house is a big plus.

*I worked with Yuvan previously as well. So far he gave me some really good songs. 9 out of 10 best songs in my career are by Yuvan. In this movie, music is a big plus and Yuvan gave good music and songs too came out well. Overall, the movie has all kinds of songs.

On the work front she has three projects in Tamil, in Telugu signing another project after Game Changer, has something lined up in Malayalam as well.