Game On will take audience into a new game world: Geetanand


Game On is a movie directed by Dayanandh, starring Geetanand and Neha Solanki. Senior actors Madhubala, Aditya Menon, and Subhalekhala Sudhakar play pivotal roles. The film’s streaming rights sold for Fancy price to the top streaming platform. The film, produced by Ravi Kasturi under the banners of Kasturi Creations and Golden Wing Productions, is releasing worldwide on February 2. The already released teaser, trailer, and songs have received a good response. Today hero Geetanand interacted with media about the film and shared his excitement.

“This is a unique story. We have tried to make it different, not just regular. It’s interesting to see how the hero changes from a loser to a winner. The tasks involved are sure to impress the audience. Since director Dayanand is my younger brother, we could discuss the script very well. We have done many short films together. If Tammudu wrote the story, I would act in it, or else I would direct his story. So, there was good bonding and sync between us. That experience was very useful for us in making this film. With this real-time psychological film, the audience will be transported into the game world. The action sequences are also very novel.

Neha Solanki and I share good on-screen chemistry. She plays a key role. Senior artists like Madhubala, Shubhalekha Sudhakar, and Aditya Menon take their acting to the next level in this film. Madhubala will be seen in a new character, which has not been seen before, with a crazy backstory that the audience will never guess. Aditya Menon appears in a grey shade role. Shubhalekha Sudhakar played an inspiring role as our grandfather.

The background score of this movie is a highlight. All the mixing for the film was done at AR Rahman’s studio in Chennai. The sound power will fill the theater. We have taken care of all technical aspects. Since the producer, Ravi Kasturi, is also my friend, the three of us discuss and make decisions together. That’s why the visuals are also very fresh. The songs are very rich. I gained a lot of experience as I also looked after each craft.

The premieres over the last three days have received a good response. We have shown it to audiences from young to old, and the response has been crazy. Vivek from People Media Factory got excited after seeing the movie. I am also very happy to receive a fancy offer for the digital rights of this movie before its release. However, we have other plans for the sequel. We will announce them depending on the reaction to this movie. I have also heard three new stories, which we will announce soon,” he said.


Geetanand, Neha Solanki, Aditya Menon, Madhubala, Vasanthi, Kiriti, Shubhalekha Sudhakar and others


Music director: Abishek AR
Songs: Nawab Gang, Ashwin-Arun; Cinematography: Aravind Vishwanathan; Script Supervisor: Vijay Kumar CH; Editor: Vamsi Atluri; Arth Vithal; Action Choreography: Ramakrishna, Naba Stunts; Styling: Dayanandh; PRO: GK Media; Dance Choreography: Moin; Producer: Ravi Kasturi; Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Dayanandh.