Full Moon Media Productions’ ‘Sound Party’ to be released on November 24


Bigg Boss Telugu 5 title winner VJ Sunny’s upcoming movie titled ‘Sound Party’ is up for theatrical release on November 24. Starring Hritika Srinivas as the heroine, the film is Full Moon Media Productions’ maiden venture. Sanjay Sheri, a talented writer, is making his debut as a director. Producers Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, and Sri Shyam Gajendra have joined hands with presenter Jaya Shankar. On the back of the success of its teaser, the film has gained a lot of buzz. Its theatrical release is going to be big!

Ravi Polishetty, the Head of Full Moon Media Productions said, “The teaser and songs have been a hit. ‘Sound Party’ has come to enjoy buzz because of the pre-release material released so far. The business has also been bright. The dialogues in the teaser, the chemistry between VJ Sunny and Sivannarayana and the production values are awesome. The contemporary audience are fond of fun and family entertainment. We are releasing the movie in theaters worldwide on November 24th in a grand manner.”

Presenter Jaya Shankar said, “Songs and teaser have already taken the movie to the public. The movie has been completed successfully. Director Sanjay Sheri has proved himself. He has made a thoroughly enjoyable family entertainer that will appeal to all sections of the audience. We believe that the audience will love our film.”

Director Sanjay Sheri said, “With the freedom given by the producers and the support extended by presenter Jaya Shankar, I was able to make the film as planned. The whole unit felt happy after watching the final output. We could make a solid entertainer because of the support given by the team of actors and technicians. The teaser has already received a tremendous response. I am confident that the movie upon its release in theatres on November 24 will receive a roaring response.”


VJ Sunny,Hrithika Srinivas, Sivannarayana, Ali, Saptagiri, ’30 Years’ Prudhviraj, ‘Mirchi’ Priya, Manik Reddy, Ashok Kumar, Kadambari Kiran, ‘Gemini’ Suresh, Bhuvan Saluri, ‘I Dream’ Anjali, Vasu Inturi, Chalaki Chanti, Prem Sagar, RJ Hemanth, Shashank Mouli, Trinadh, Krishna Teja and others.


Director of Photography: Srinivas Reddy; Editor: G Avinash; Music Director: Mohit Rahmaniac; Lyricist: Poornachari; PRO: GK Media; Line Producer: Sivakanth Vanga; Executive Producer: Bhuvan Saluru; Producers: Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, Sri Shyam Gajendra; Presented by: V Jayashankar; Written and Directed by Sanjay Sheri.