Dulquer Salmaan Unleashed First Look Of HANU-MAN


Creative director Prasanth Varma’s first three films- Awe, Kalki and Zombie Reddy were three different genre films which were critical acclaimed and commercially successful movies. Making commercial entertainers with unique concepts is a rare superiority of Prasanth Varma whose upcoming movie titled HANU-MAN is going to be another first of its kind film on Indian screen.

HANU-MAN is the first Pan-Indian superhero film and Zombie Reddy combo is back with it. Prasanth Varma teams up with young hero Teja Sajja and the film HANU-MAN will be a visual treat for cine goers. As promised, the makers have come up with first look poster and also a 65 seconds glimpse introducing HANUMANTHU from the world of Anjanadri. Dulquer Salmaan has unleashed the first look poster and the glimpse.

The first look and the glimpse are enough to give hints about the kind of visual extravaganza we are going to witness on big screens. Teja Sajja can be seen standing on top of a tree in the dense forest and aiming his target with a slingshot. While the young hero looks dashing in the poster with intensity in his eyes, he underwent tremendous makeover to play the superhero.

Teja’s getup is also very different, as he appears wearing a printed shirt and a white pajama. We can see a glorious silver colour pendant with black thread on Teja’s neck. He also wears custom-made footwear.

The glimpse shows much more than this. Prasanth Varma seems to have created a new and fantasy world called Anjanadri. The video shows Teja Sajja running, sliding and jumping in the forest and shooting the slingshot. The superhero’s punching power is displayed, as he sturdily hits the ground. The last shots show an eye-popping visuals of power emitting from a pearl shell. The sound design and the background score have actually elevated the visuals. Both the first look poster and the glimpse are highly impressive and they make us craving for a trip into the world of Anjanadri.

The visuals indicate HANU-MAN will be high on VFX. This magnum opus, like every other superhero film, will have unbelievable stunt sequences. In fact, superhero films are not constrained for one particular section or age group. HANU-Man, with a universal concept, is for all sections and age groups. It is being made in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages. They have also released first look poster in all these languages.

Popular production house Primeshow Entertainment is producing the movie on grand scale and big stars and top-grade technicians are associating for it. The film’s shoot is currently happening in Hyderabad, where some crucial sequences are being filmed on the lead cast.

K Niranjan Reddy is producing the movie, while Smt Chaitanya presenting it. Asrin Reddy is the executive producer, Venkat Kumar Jetty is the Line Producer while Kushal Reddy is the associate producer. Dasaradhi Shivendra takes care of cinematography.

Other cast and crew of the project will be unveiled soon.

Cast: Teja Sajja

Technical Crew:
Writer & Director: Prasanth Varma
Producer: K Niranjan Reddy
Banner: Primeshow Entertainment
Presents: Smt Chaitanya
Screenplay: Scriptsville
DOP: Dasaradhi Shivendra
Executive Producer: Asrin Reddy
Line Producer: Venkat Kumar Jetty
Associate Producer: Kushal Reddy
Production Designer: Srinagendhra Tangala
Costume Designer: Lanka Santhoshi

Pro: Vamsi  Shekar

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