Dirty Fellow Movie Review


Film: Dirty Fellow
Cast: Shanthi Chandra, Deepika Singh, Simrit, Nikisha Rang, Satya Prakash, Nagi Nidu, FM Babai, Kumaran, Jayashree, Surendra and others
The film is produced by Raj India Entertainment.
Producer: G.S. Babu
Direction: Adari Murthy Sai
Music by Dr. Satish Kumar.
Cinematography is by Ramakrishna.S
Editor: JP
Released on 24,/5/ 2024

Moviemanthra.com;Rating ;3.5/5

‘Dirty Fellow ‘is a biopic on Indian Navy officer Shanti Chandra. Already released teaser and songs have garnered great response from the audience. In addition to this, the hype was created on ‘Dirty Fellow’ as the promotions were also tight. Let’s take a look at how the film fared before the audience today (May 24) with good expectations.

The story
Mafia don JP (Nagineedu) and Shankar Narayana (Satya Prakash) are two good friends. The two settle down. However, Shankar Narayana conspires that he can be a mafia don if he avoids JP. He tries to convince the police. Shankar Narayana’s son dies while escaping from them. Shankar Narayana becomes angry with JP. He warns Jaypee that he will kill your son’s enemy alias Dirty Fellow (Shanti Chandra). If you cut. Siddhu (Shanthi Chandra) lives in a priest’s house in the village. He teaches the children there.
The priest’s daughter Raga (Deepika Singh) likes to see Siddu. In the same village comes Chitra (Simriti) on the research of organic farming. Shankar Narayana’s man Pothuraju keeps that village and that forest area in his fold. Siddu kills such a king. Shankar Narayana realizes that Siddu and Dirty Fellow are one and the same? Siddu on the other hand will shoot the film? What happens thereafter? Is the real Dirty Fellow, Siddu the same? Why was the film made? What will Shankar do? That has to be seen on screen.


Many Telugu films have already been shot here. Dirty Fall is one such film. But with the addition of family emotions, it also feels a little new. There are some interesting twists in the film. There is no lag anywhere. That’s how the film begins. The film is packed with action, romance and emotions. Hero entry.. The title song… Romance with heroines attracts all the youth. Dirtyfellow was introduced at the begi
nning of the film. Later, the director narrated the story of the film. Are Siddu and Dirtyfellow one and the same? It created curiosity among the audience. He has also done a different role in the film. The twist that her character gives before the interval is impressive. In the second half, the story revolves around the mafia don ‘Dirtyfellow’. The swimming pool scene is amazing. The twist that JP gives in the climax is impressive. Dirtyfellow is a different film in the background of mafia. Had the screenplay been better, the film would have been different.

Artists Performances;
Shanti Chandra is good in the role of Siddu and Dirty Fellow. There are differences between the two characters. Action, romance and everything else. He impressed the audience with his style and action. After a long time, Nagi Nidu impressed everyone with the role of Lengthi. Satya Prakash’s villainy was seen on the screen again after a long time. The role of the king is good. The trio of Deepika Singh, Simrit and Nikisha Rang also looked beautiful on the screen. All three roles were well-received. All the characters are important. Everyone played their part.

Technically the film is not bad. Doctor. Satish Kumar. Music is nice. The title song is the highlight of the film. Satish Kumar breathed life into a few scenes with his own BGM. Cinematography is good. Build quality is very good. Most of the film has been shot outdoors. The makers have made the film lavishly without compromising on the budget.