Director Nag Ashwin Unveils Prince and Naresh Agastya’s “Kali” Teaser


The teaser for the movie “Kali,” starring young heroes Prince and Naresh Agastya, has been released by blockbuster director Nag Ashwin. Produced by Rudra Creations under the guidance of renowned story writer K. Raghavendra Reddy and directed by Siva Seshu, “Kali” is a psychological thriller whose shooting has been completed. The film is currently undergoing post-production and is set for a grand theatrical release soon.

Nag Ashwin praised the teaser, describing it as interesting and impressive, and highlighted director Siva Seshu’s introduction of a new concept to Telugu audiences. He extended his best wishes to the entire team of “Kali.”

K. Raghavendra Reddy, the presenter of the film, expressed his happiness in releasing the teaser, emphasizing that “Kali” is an intriguing psychological thriller centered around the character of Kali. He mentioned that post-production work is in progress and promised to bring the movie to the audience soon.

Producer Leela Gautham Varma thanked Nag Ashwin for taking the time to launch the teaser despite his busy schedule. Writer and director Siva Seshu described “Kali” as a film with a fresh storyline combining elements of mythology and psychological thriller genres. He expressed hopes that “Kali” will provide a unique experience to viewers and announced plans for a grand theatrical release.

The teaser launch event for “Kali” was attended by creative producers Radhakrishna Tathineni, Dharani Kumar TR, Executive Producer Phanindra, and others.

In the “Kali” teaser, Shivaram (played by Prince) contemplates suicide due to disillusionment with the selfish world. However, just as he prepares to hang himself, a stranger (Naresh Agastya) arrives at his doorstep and reveals intimate details about Shivaram’s life. Shivaram is left puzzled about how the stranger knows so much about him, especially concerning incidents only known to him and his wife. The teaser concludes with intriguing questions: Why did Shivaram, previously happily married, contemplate suicide? Who is this stranger, and how does he seem to know everything about Shivaram? Moreover, why does he appear to have a dead body that resembles Shivaram?

The cast includes Prince, Naresh Agastya, Neha Krishnan, Gauthamraju, Gundu Sudarshan, Kedar Shankar, Mani Chandana, Madhumani, among others.

Technical Team:
– Music: Jeevan Babu
– Editor: Vijay Cutts
– Cinematography: Nishant Katari, Ramana Jagarlamudi
– Songs: Saraswathiputra Ramajogaiah Shastri
– Creative Producers: Radhakrishna Tathineni, Dharani Kumar TR
– Executive Producer: Phaniendra
– PRO: GSK Media (Suresh – Sreenivas)
– Submitted by: K. Raghavendra Reddy
– Producer: Leela Gautam Varma
– Written and Directed by: Siva Seshu