‘DHIMAHI’ Trailer Talk: This new-age thriller is about ‘Soul Swapping’


Who doesn’t like emotions wedded to advanced concepts? High-concept movies are rarely made in Telugu. When they are made, the audience like to give them a shot. ‘DHIMAHI’, whose trailer was released today, is one such enticing thriller, which has got one of the most gripping trailers in recent times.

Directed by Saahas Pagadala and Naveen Kante, the film’s trailer suggests that the emotions are anchored in the plot of a missing girl named Mahi. When the prodigy, who takes to the violin at a tender age, goes missing, her parents are shattered. Mahi’s all-weather ‘friend’ and uncle, Dr. Karthik (played by Saahs himself), takes it upon himself to solve the mystery.

Here is where the novelty lies. This is not a missing person investigation procedural. This is a proper concept-driven, advanced thriller involving a concept called Necromancy, which is the supernatural practice of communicating with the dead. And the more stunning aspect of it is that this communication is aimed at predicting the future and probably averting danger.

The second half of ‘Dhimahi’ seems to be full of tense moments, with the male lead putting himself on the line in his urge to communicate with Mahi. There is also a feel-good romantic track, a heroine with brains, and a heart-wrenching sentiment.

Produced by Captain Cook Films’ Virat Kapur and Saahas Pagadala, the film stars Nikitha Chopra as the heroine.

After a novel time-travel sci-fi thriller like ‘7:11 PM’, Saahas is back with a soul-swapping thriller. The budding actor is charting a path of his own, preferring to do edge-of-the-seat thrillers instead of routine commercial fare.

If the trailer is anything to go by, fresh talents seem to have made a promising thriller with rare plot points.

Also starring Virat Kapur, JD Cherukuru, Aashika, Sreejith, Gangadharan, Saujanya Kasina, Vamsi Davuluri and others, the film’s music by Sharon Raavi and cinematography by Rah Sharma look effective. The colour grading, visuals are right on the money!

Dhimahi Trailer Youtube Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k38U674pTNw

Pavan Kumar


Film Reporter