Allari Naresh launched the First Look of Anukunnavanni Jaragavukonni


The film “Anukunnavanni Jaragavukonni” starring Sri Rama Nimmal and Monika, directed by G. Sandeep and produced by Sri Bharat Arts Institute, was recently launched with a captivating poster released by Allari Naresh. Speaking on the occasion, the director mentioned his previous work as an assistant director in the film “Silly Fellows” and expressed his joy about this project. He also stressed that the film is a crime-comedy thriller and praised Naresh for choosing the correct title for the movie. The film is set to release on November 3rd, and they are confident that it will be well-received.

Director Sandeep mentioned that this movie is unique and falls into the crime-comedy genre. He highlighted the incredible performances by the artists and expressed his belief that the film will be a hit, especially in the comedy aspect. The film’s poster release was thanked by Naresh, and he invited everyone to watch it in theaters without fail.

During this event, the lead actress Monika expressed her excitement and her hopes for the film’s success.

Cast : Shreeram Nimmala ,
Kalapala Mounika
Written & Directed by G.Sandeep
Producer : Sri Bharath Arts
DOP: Chinna Raam, GV Ajay
Editor: KCB Hari
Music Director: Gideon katta
Executive Producer: BV Naveen
PRO : Madhu VR