Dayaa Webseries is like 3 hours non stop movie and audience can binge watch: Dayaa team at Pre release event


The upcoming show Dayaa from Disney+ Hotstar is now raising curiosity with the promotional content. The show stars versatile actor JD Chakravarthy, Eesha Rebba, Ramya Nambessan and other prominent actors. It is directed by Pavan Sadineni and Shrikant mohta, Mahendra Soni producing the series under SVF banner, a leading Bengali production house. The pre-release event of this web series was held in Hyderabad. Total cast and crew participated in the event. On this occasion,

Cinematographer Vivek said – We enjoyed working on this web series a lot. Every character is interesting. As technicians, all of us have put so much effort and given the best output. From Senapathi to Dayaa, director Pavan’s writing skills are amazing. Proud to say that this is a web series that brings out the talent of every department.

Actor Josh Ravi said – It was more like a success meet than a pre-release event. I am acting in every movie of director Pavan. This kindness gave me good character. I have been acting every chance I get as an actor. But I always had in my mind to do a film that would make me famous as an actor. That dream has come true with this web series. I thank Pavan for that. Eesha’s character is moving. JD sir is my favorite hero. Happy to act with him. The superstar of this movie is cinematographer Vivek. He gave excellent visuals.

Actor Kamal Kamaraju said – The experience of working for Dayaa was very special. I used to talk about this web series on the set of my every film. They must have thought that he always says “Dayaa”. It is called Dreaming Big. If you don’t think like that then there is no web series. Each location is original. Every character is genuine.

Actress Gayatri Gupta says – Working with director Pavan is a lot of fun. It doesn’t feel like we’re in shooting. We enjoy watching Brahmanandam memes and Pavan keeps his set so cool and fun. From Prem Ishq Kadal to Dayaa, his journey has been an inspiration. Kamal, Josh Ravi, JD Garu, all the characters have given their best.

Director Pavan Sadhineni said – Dayaa is not like a web series but like a movie which you can binge watch for three hours. I guarantee it. If you stop watching, you can ask me about it. It is said that women are given priority in my stories. Why not? I grew up at home with both mom and dad. In this web series JD garu, Eesha, Kamal, Ramya, Josh Ravi everyone’s characters are good. This web series like a guide for upcoming actors. New artists can learn from their performances. Cinematographer Vivek’s visuals will be an asset to Daya’s web series.

Heroine Eesha Rebba said – This event seems like a celebration. When Dayaa told me the script, I thought, can I do such a character, can I imagine myself in this character? There was also a fear that similar offers would come after Dayaa. I watched the entire series. After watching it, I realized that we have made a super web series. JD, Josh Ravi, Gayatri, Kamal, not just my character, all the characters will be remembered. It is not about who is on screen for how long but how impactful they are.

Hero JD Chakravarthy says – Every episode of Dayaa web series ends with questions. All these questions do not create confusion, they create interest. The story of Dayaa doesn’t stop with one season, you will keep waiting for the second season. Also imagine the stories for the second season. Pavan shot my first scene with the last scene in this series. Such is his grip on this story. I have worked with good directors in all languages. Pavan is the best director I have worked with after my guru Varma. Dayaa means Pavan and Pavan means Dayaa. His talent will be seen in this series tomorrow. If you see the characters of Gayatri and Eesha, you will know Pavan’s respect for women. Dayaa will start streaming from August 3rd night. Please watch it on Disney Hotstar.