Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao was happy to see the response for the Pan India movie record break premiere shows


The record break movie will release on March 8th worldwide. While the premiere shows of this movie are shown to the media a week before. Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao expressed his happiness with the media after seeing the response to the premiere shows.

On this occasion, Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao said: I am very happy that my friend Nalamati Venkatakrishna Rao, who has been traveling with me for a long time, came to the premiere show of this movie and gave me his support. He always has a positive vibe. I have always wanted to do this premier shows start on his hands. It is a great pleasure for me that he come for me from Rajahmundry as he is very busy too. This is a movie that every Indian should be proud to watch, as it is about the Telugu people and the farmers. Similarly, my friend came here in Panch Kattu and started premier shows by beating a coconut, so far it has not happened anywhere. Similarly, it seems very proud to make a film with good content with newcomers instead of big heroes. I am thankful to directors Vijayendra Prasad, Jayasudha, R Narayana Murthy, writer Chinni Krishna, directors Chandra Mahesh and Sunil Reddy who came to these premiere shows when I called and supported us. It was very happy that they saw this movie and appreciated this as good movie and appreciated the mother’s sentiments and patriotism. If small films are good, the industry will be good. This movie will definitely liked by our audiences. He said with all his heart that the audience would bless our actors and technicians and make this film a success.

Director Vijayendra Prasad said: Record Break is a very good movie. Technical values, RR are very good. This is a new attempt. Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao can be admired for his courage. He said that he wants it to be a movie that will definitely be liked by the audience.

Actor R. Narayana Murthy said: Mother’s sentiment has been shown very well. From our birth, where we came from and what is the value of our soil, they showed very well. Values show very well that what is our strength and what is the food we eat. He said that he sincerely wants this record break movie to break records.

Jayasudha said: I am very happy that Nihar acted in this movie. Apart from saying that my son has done it, he has made a good film and is bringing it to the audience. I acted in many films under the banner of Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films. I had very good association with Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao. Now it seems very happy that this Record break movie is coming from this banner. She said that there are many good values in the movie and it will definitely be a movie that everyone will watch and appreciate.

Along with them, many celebrities participated and watched this movie and appreciated the sentiment of the mother in the movie, about patriotism, about the farmers and for making a movie that Indians can be proud of.

Nihar Kapoor, Actor Nagarjuna, Satya Krishna, T. Prasanna Kumar, Ragdha Iftakar, Sanjana, Shanti Tiwari, Sonia, Kashi Vishwanath starring in lead roles in this Pan India movie record break. This movie was produced in a very grand manner under the banner of Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films produced by Chadalavada Padmavathi and directed by Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao. Angireddy Srinivas has given the story for this movie while Kantheti Shankar as DOP and Sabu Varghese have given the music.