‘Baby’ concept will connect to the masses: Anand Deverakonda


Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya and Viraj Ashwin starrer Baby is releasing on July 14th. The film is produced by SKN under the banner of Mass Movie Makers. This movie is directed by Sai Rajesh. Already the songs from the movie Baby have created a sensation. Vijay Bulganin’s music gave life to the movie. The dialogues written by Sai Rajesh in the teaser and trailer are impressed everyone. As makers are busy with innovative promotions, today Hero Anand Deverakonda interacted with the media about the film. He said,

So far I have done films with the boy next door kind of roles. But for the first time we are coming with a film that will impress all sections of audience. The paid premiere shows are also getting house full. Baby is my best journey. I miss the sets and shooting. Sai Rajesh anna gave me the confidence to play this role. Baby will forever be in my career.

Love has both happiness and pain and in Baby we have shown those emotions well. The audience will also connect with them. The emotion shown in the trailer is fifty percent more only. Everyone will definitely enjoy the theater.

First love is always a beautiful feeling and it is born of superficial beauty. But slowly they learn the meaning of love. We have shown that well in this movie. I studied in a boys boarding school. After coming out, it took two years to talk to the girls. First love memories lasts forever either its a successful or failure love story

Love is infinite. There have been many movies on love. But in this movie love is shown from different perspective as Sai Rajesh. The writing is so fresh and new. The way he showed and said love from his perspective is very new. Music is important for him to make the audience feel every emotion. Vijay Bulganin gave excellent score and music

Prema Desam movie has nothing to do with Baby movie. It will be very new. Feel wise, it will be in 7/G Brindhavan colony style.

Arjun Reddy has become a pop culture reference for everyone. The dialogues in “Baby” will definitely become very famous. There is a scene to explain why we gave the title Baby. We titled the film Baby because it’s easy and catchy for everyone.

Whether I look like I have grown a beard or a girl has become beautiful, they all have a context. We have shown that transformation to reflect the desires of that girl. The actual story is not revealed in the trailer. Only the characters are introduced. The real story and thier intentions will be known after watching the movie.

Sai Rajesh Anna said that there are some challenges when the story is told. He narrated the story and it was brilliant. Every scene and every expression is explained. Bal Reddy and Vijay Bulganin also got the best work for this reason.

I didn’t tried hard to look like a school kid. But I had to struggle during dubbing. I had to lower my voice to sound like a child. Had to bring that innocence in the voice.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya acted brilliantly. She will grow up to be a good actress in Telugu. We used to discuss how to do the scenes and rehearse it. I really enjoyed acting with her. At such a young age, playing such a good role and acting so well is not a common thing.

I will share Vijay Deverakonda anna only few things that I am doing a film in this genre and I am doing it with that director. Sometimes I send a synopsis. But the final call is mine. Anna and father never say do it, don’t do it. Vijay’s way is different. My way is different. Do not compare us both.

I haven’t had a theatrical hit so far. After seeing the buzz of our movie, seeing the reaction of the trailer, and seeing the response to the songs, I think it might be my theatrical hit. I heard this story before Middle Class Melodies.

I did not send the trailer to Vijay. He saw and felt something and tweeted about the film. I feel proud that I am going to get a hit. Vijay said that it feels like a first theatrical release for me. He complimented me saying that you are doing a good movie and you are acting well.

SKN told me that he will make a good film with me during Taxiwala. As said, they gave a good movie. The film was made with faith in the content. The climax of this movie is going to be amazing.

Sometimes the length of the film does not match the work. Even a two-hour movie can be boring. Even a three-hour movie can be boring. Length is not a problem if you make the audience feel and connect to the characters. Every role is very important. That’s why the length is a bit longer.

All the youth will connect with the movie Baby. It also connects to the masses. This concept connects to the masses. I learned to drive an auto for this role.

The shooting of the movie Gham Ganesha is nearing completion. It is in crime genre and I did fights in it. We want to release the film at the end of this year.

Baby has six songs and I love every song. Four songs written by Suresh and their lyrics are amazing.