”Ambajipeta Marriage Band” has all the content needed for a super hit film – Movie Team at trailer release event


Suhas, the promising young actor of Telugu cinema, has been making waves with his performances in films like ‘Colour Photo’ and ‘Writer Padmabhushan’. He is now ready to entertain the audience with his upcoming film “Ambajipeta Marriage Band.” The film produced jointly by GA2 Pictures and director Venkatesh Maha’s Mahayana motion pictures, the film is coming also under the banner of Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainment. Jagadeesh Pratap Bandari of Pushpa fame and Goparaju Ramana playing key roles. Music is scored by Sekhar Chandra. Wajid Baig and Kodati Pawan Kalyan are handling the cinematography and editing departments.

The film is directed by newcomer Dushyanth Katikineni, and it is creating quite a buzz among movie lovers with the promotional content. Today makers unveiled the intense trailer in a grand launch event. On this occasion,

Editor Kodati Pawan Kalyan said – Our film will be more impressive than the trailer that you just watched. The editor is called the first audience of the film. With that confidence, I can say that thr movie will be a great success. We worked hard for three years for the movie “Ambajipeta Marriage Band”. It is your responsibility to make this movie a cult classic. See you in the theaters on the 2nd of next month.

Cinematographer Wajid Baig said – Our movie teaser was a big hit. Now the trailer is also getting a good response. We shot the movie “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” in real locations Amalapuram and Ambajipet. Suhas suggested to do so. What you see in the trailer is just a small sample. Suhas will be seen in an intense role.

Actor Kittaiah said – In the movie “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” I played the role of Suhas father. Thanks to the director and Suhas for giving me such a good character. Suhas performance in this movie will impress you. We hope you will watch the movie on February 2nd.

Actress Saranya Pradeep said – Our entire “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” movie team needs your love and support. Your response shows how much you liked the teaser and trailer. Similarly, the movie will impress you You will feel the vibe of Ambajipeta after watching the movie.

Director Dushyant Katikaneni said – Seeing your response, it is clear that you liked the trailer of “Ambajipeta Marriage Band”. We made this movie based on some realistic incidents. There is intense drama along with the love story. As the story takes place in a village, castes are mentioned. But the movie does not contain any offensive elements. We are putting in your hands the movie “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” which will hit the theaters on February 2. You have to super hit yourself. I would like to thank all the cast and crew who supported me in the making of the film. Said.

Actor Nithin said – Films that are realistic and have commercial elements are very few. I can proudly say that such a rare movie is “Ambajipeta Marriage Band”. As long as you are watching the movie in theaters, you will get the feeling of seeing the life of Maa Malli, the environment of Konaseema and Ambajipet. Said.

Heroine Shivani Nagaram said – I am happy with the response you are showing on the movie “Ambajipeta Marriage Band”. I can promise that our movie will be like a double dhamaka in the theatres. “Ambajipet Marriage Band” is coming to the theaters in 9 days. The entire team is very excited about the film. Two songs, teaser and trailer were out from our film. Also it is your responsibility to make the movie a super hit. Watch the film on February 2nd with your gang.

Producer Dhiraj Mogileni said – The reason why I stand before you is because of producer Allu Aravind garu and Bunny Vas. We never thought that we will make a film in our banner. We thought that if we make a film, we must make a good film. When we heard the story of “Ambajipeta Marriage Band”, Bunny Vas and I got very excited. Suhas was also very involved and made the movie. He already has good hit movies like Color Photo and Writer Padmabushan. We’ve seen the passion to maake it a hit film. He shaved his head twice for this film. Along with Suhas, heroine Shivani, Sharanya Pradeep and all the cast performed amazingly. Cinematographer Wajid has shot the Amalapuram area beautifully. Our music director Shekhar Chandra gave superb music. He is still working on the film. You have given a blockbuster film for our banner Baby. We hope you will give another super hit with this movie. Dushyant worked for movies with Venkatesh Maha. The story of this movie was first narrated to Venkatesh Maha. Both of them together narrated to Suhas. Venkatesh Maha wanted to produce the film. We have also heard this story. We liked it very much. Venkatesh Maha has projects as a director so we said we will produce and he said ok. We have produced this movie with Venkatesh Maha as the presenter. To attract audience to small films, big banners should support them. So we have the support of Geetha Arts bannet. Don’t compare Baby movie with “Ambajipeta Marriage Band”. These are two different genre movies. Allu Arjun supports all our movies. Many movies are coming in our banner. We will work hard for every film to uphold Aravind garu’s name.

Hero Suhas said – I was blessed with a baby yesterday. I am in that happiness. I am very happy to see your response to the trailer of “Ambajipeta Marriage Band”. We are waiting for the release of our movie. This is a very special movie in my career. Ever since I heard the story, my entire team along with myself have been dedicated to this project. I shaved my head twice. I also learned to play a band. We worked with the belief in the story. While watching the movie you often relate the events of your life. We hope that our film will be a success on February 2.