105Minuttess Movie Trailer Trailer Launch – Releasing On Jan 26


The movie 105 Minutes is produced by Bommak Siva jointly with Rudransh Celluloids and Monk Films and is directed by Raju Dussa with Hansika as the heroine. The previously released motion and poster theme song got a good response and now the released trailer is increasing the expectations on the movie. In an innovative way, Hansika appeared on the stage in the same character get-up as she did in the movie and released the trailer. 105 Minutes was the first experimental film in which a single character was depicted in a single shot. The trailer was released today by Panorama Studio and the film is being released on January 26.

On this occasion, Co-producer Suman Garu said: Producer Bommak Siva really has a lot of guts. It is difficult to accept such content. Our company Monk Films also wanted to do distribution theatrically digitally with such a good content. Meanwhile theater movies, OTT movies, short movies are coming in various forms. But depending on the approach taken by the producer-director associated with the film itself, depends on whether it is theater or OTT film. It is a theater movie with good content. Currently, this movie will be released worldwide in Telugu and later in different languages ​​at a pan-India level. Thanking everyone on behalf of Rudransh Celluloids, they said that they are bringing the film to the audience on 26th of this month.

Director Raju Dussa said: I am directing for the first time and believing in him and the content to produce this film the producer Bommak Siva garu came forward. He said that he is especially thankful to Bommak Siva. When this story is taken to Hansika, there is a confusion whether she will accept it or not. But after hearing the story, she agreed and said that I am doing the film in a single setting. Thanks to Hansika for believing in me and making this film. Also Monk Films Suman Garu collaborating with us making movie running ahead. We are bringing this movie to the audience on January 26. He said that he wants the audience to watch the film and support them.

Heroine Hansika said: I am very happy that the movie 105 minutes is getting released. It is a complete experimental film. Making a 34-minute shot in a single take was a new experience for me. It was a shot that was rehearsed for 8 days. There are many scenes in film of such experiments. I am very happy to be selected for this movie. She said that she wants the audience to see our film which is releasing on January 26 and make it a success.

Production: Rudransh Celluloids, Monk Films
Producer: Bommak Shiva
Co-producer: Suman
Director: Rajudussa
DOP : KishoreBoyidapu
Music: Sam C. S
PRO: Eluru Sreenu , Dheeraj-Prasad