Yevam’: Telangana’s Oggu Katha culture to be a highlight in this thriller


Director Prakash Dantuluri has said that his upcoming movie, ‘Yevam’, will have the element of Oggu Katha as a major creative layer. Telangana’s vibrant folklore, Oggu Katha, takes center stage in the film. This traditional performance art combines singing, praise, and storytelling, ‘Yevam’ is the first mainstream movie to commercially integrate Oggu Katha into its narrative, ensuring the unique art form is showcased through the voices of authentic singers.

The film stars Chandini Chowdary, Vasishta Simha, Bharat Raj, and Aashu Reddy in lead roles. Recently, CSpace and Prakash Dantuluri Productions brought out the film’s interesting Trailer.

By incorporating Oggu Katha, the film Yevam has the potential to add depth and cultural richness to its subtext. A gripping story that authentically portrays this folk art form could resonate deeply with audiences, especially those appreciative of preserving cultural traditions. The director’s dedication to research is learned to be promising, suggesting a thoughtful integration of Oggu Katha that has a natural flow.

Bankrolled by Navdeep and Pavan Goparaju, the film has music by Keertana Sesh and Neelesh Mandalapu.