Yamadheera cricketer Sreesanth in the main role trailer launch event


Kannada hero Komal Kumar is the hero and Indian cricketer Sreesanth is playing a negative role in the upcoming film Yamadheera. Yamadheera is the first film produced by Vedala Srinivas in SriMandiram Productions. Nagababu, Ali, Satya Prakash, Madhu Sudhan played key roles in this movie. Recently, the teaser of this movie was done by the famous producer Ashok Kumar, and today the trailer launch event of this movie was held in a grand manner at Film Chamber. Telugu Film Producers Council Secretary Prasanna Kumar, Telugu Film Producers Council Treasurer Ram Satyanarayana, producer D. S. Rao, P. Srinivasa Rao participated in this event.

On this occasion, the Secretary of Telugu Film Producers Council, Prasannakumar said: Yamadheera is a Kannada film made by Vedala Srinivas as producer and Shankar as director. Our Telugu actors Nagababu, Madhusudan, Ali and Satya Prakash are acting in this movie. It seems like a Telugu movie. Even the title of Yamadheera is very catchy. Yama word previously had blockbuster movies like Yamadonga, Yamaleela, Yamagola and similarly there is a blockbuster movie with word Dheera like Magadheera. Komal Kumar also acted very well as a police officer. Everything was shot in foreign locations very well. Like previous Vijay movie Sarkar this is also a political drama. Tampering of EVM’s have been shown very well. According to the current trend, this Yamadheera movie is being brought to us with technical values. I wish Vedala Srinivas to give new opportunities to this generation by doing many more good films and also wants this film to be a good success.

Telugu Film Producers Council Treasurer Ram Satyanarayana said : Yamadheera is a very good title. Right now Prasannakumar forgot the title Yamudiki Mogudu, saying that it was the title of word Yamudu. All the movies released on Yamudu’s titles were big successes. Vedala Srinivas is a very good person. Komal Kumar is the hero and well known cricketer Sreesanth is the villain of this movie. The film was shot in good foreign locations without any compromise. This film is made like a purely Telugu movie starring our Telugu actors Nagababu garu and Ali garu etc. PRO and journalist Madhu, who is always ahead in promoting small films, is promoting this film very well. He wish that he wants the audience to make the film a big success.

Producer D. S. Rao said: Yamadheera is going to be released on 23rd of this month. This movie has been produced with good technical values ​​without compromising anywhere in Kannada and in Telugu. About Tampering of EVMs, elections was shown especially in this movie. He wishes that Vedala Srinivas should get a big success with this movie.

P. Srinivasa Rao said : Vedala Srinivas is producing the movie Yamadheera under the protection of SriMandiram productions. As Prasannakumar and Ram Satyanarayana said, this is a movie that have Telugu nativity. With a good concept, this movie is being brought to us by explaining about the elections in accordance with the current trend. It takes a lot of guts to come into the industry knowing everything. A very brave producer has come to our industry. If a person like him succeeds, many more families will stand in the industry with many more good films. He wishes this movie to be a big success.

Producer Vedala Srinivas Rao said : Special thanks to TFPC Secretary Prasannakumar, Treasurer Rama Satyanarayana, Producer D. S. Rao, P. Srinivasa Rao who accepted the invitation and came here even though they are busy. This Yamadheera film was shot on concept EVM tampering. We shot most of it in Azhar Baijan country. Komal Kumar who has acted in 100 movies and cricketer Sreesanth acted in the lead role. Similarly, Nagababu, Ali, Satya Prakash and Madhusudan acted. We are going to bring the movie to the audience on 23rd of this month. He wishes this film to be a good success.

Komal Kumar, Sreesanth (cricketer), Rishika Sharma, Nagababu, Ali, Satya Prakash, Madhu Sudan, etc.

Technical Team:
Production : Sri Mandiram Productions
Cameraman : Rosh Mohan Karthik
Lyrics & Songs : Varadaraj Chikkaballapura
Editing : C. Ravichandran
Music : Varun Unni
Producer : Vedala Srinivas Rao
Story & Direction : Shankar R
P R O : Madhu VR