Watch Top Gear, You Won’t Be Disappointed: Aadi Saikumar At Pre-release Event


Promising young hero Aadi Saikumar’s upcoming action thriller movie Top Gear is due for release on 30th of this month. K.Shashikanth is directing the movie, while Aditya Movies & Entertainments is presenting it. K. V. Sridhar Reddy is producing it under the banner of Sri Dhanalakshmi Productions. Giridhar Mamidipalli is the executive producer. The team celebrated the pre-release event of the movie in a grand manner.

While speaking at the event, producer KV Sridhar Reddy said, “I felt it amazing, when Shashikanth told me this story. I’m very happy as a producer with the way the movie shaped up. There’s no need to say especially about Aadi. He did very good action and performance in the movie. Riya Suman is looking good on screen. I’m very thankful to Umesh Gupta of Aditya Music. He supported me a lot. DOP Sai Sreeram’s visuals are superb. Every technician worked as if it were their own film. We thank Sundeep Kishan for coming for the occasion.”

Director Shashikanth said, “Watch the movie and tell your opinion. I hope, you will like it. Sridhar Reddy is a passionate producer. He provided me with all the resources required for the movie. Every technician gave their best. Everybody worked energetically even though most parts of the movie were shot during the night.”

Riya Suman said, “Big thanks to wonderful guests for being here with us. First of all, I need to thank the director for giving me such a beautiful character. Aadi is a very sincere and hard-working actor. Thank you for being such a wonderful co-star. He’s always smiling, chilled and so simple. Though it’s Sridhar sir’s first film, he didn’t compromise on anything. BGM is a very big asset. DOP Sai Sreeram’s wonderful and stunning visuals made me look so beautiful. I loved the song, Vennela Vennela. The movie has all the emotions. Don’t miss the movie. Let’s jump into the New Year with Top Gear.”

Saikumar said, “I was born and brought up in the industry. My dad came with a dream of becoming a hero and my mom wanted to become an actress. I just came to know that producer Sridhar Reddy made a few Kannada movies. He has had the same confidence and energy from the start to this day. I hope this will become a Top Gear to his career. The industry will thrive only if producers become successful. There is a positive buzz for the movie and censor officials too called and appreciated the movie. The makers even got a call from a channel saying they liked the movie a lot. Sundeep is an intense actor. There is huge talk about who’s David in the movie. I knew who David is. But I can’t reveal it now.”

Sundeep Kishan said, “Sridhar Reddy is a very good and positive person. I knew him for the past 11 years. I didn’t know that Shashikanth is the director of the movie. I enquired whether he was the same Shashi I knew for 7 years. He didn’t tell me anything about this movie. I’m so happy with all my heart. His debut would have happened 7 years ago. It’s finally happening today and that too with Aadi. Harshavardhan Rameshwar, the song is good. Sai Sreeram makes the movie 30% better with his camera work. Aadi is my friend since we were kids. Prasthanam was my first movie. My salary for the movie was 1116. I didn’t have assistants and no room was
allocated. I used Sai uncle’s room. His asst used to enquire about my food. He took the best care of me. He takes the same care for others as well. There is a difference between a hero and an actor. When I was working as an asst director, Aadi’s daily routine was to go to the gym, dance class and then to stunt classes. He did it like a Tapas for 3 years. I wouldn’t have done it, if I were in his place. I really wish he will get a big break with this movie. I asked Aadi if I can produce a film with him. He finally gave his nod. In 2023, I’ll be producing a movie with him. Riya is an Instagram friend. She looks pretty.”

Aadi Saikumar said, “Merry Christmas and advance happy New Year to all. I thank all the guests. Sundeep, thank you very much, let’s rock it. I first need to talk about my producer Sridhar Reddy. He’s always a positive person. He completely believed in the movie and made it with passion. Aditya Movies is presenting it. We thank Umesh Gupta garu. They made the movie without compromising on anything and are promoting it aggressively. I wish the entire team all the best. Shashi narrated the story in a standing position for 2 hours, though I was insisting him to sit. He has such clarity on the script. As informed by Sundeep, Shashi would have become a director 7 years back. I wish him all the best. He did lots of hard work for the movie. He brought in good technicians for the movie. I and Sai Sreeram are good friends since Sukumarudu. Finally, we worked again for Top Gear. Visually and technically, the movie was enhanced because of his camera work. Harshavardhan Rameshwar’s BGM is outstanding. The teaser and trailer got a superb response. I thank fight master Prithvi and art director Ramanjaneyulu. Special thanks to Prawin Pudi. The film is coming to you on December 30th. Watch Top Gear, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s all meet again at the film’s success meet.”