VV Lakshmi Narayana Jumps into BJP?


According to most recent reports, VV Lakshminarayana, who as of late quit Janasena, saying Pawan Kalyan is definitely not a genuine legislator, is good to go to join BJP. Obviously, Lakshminarayana is hoping to cut a name for himself in Andhra Pradesh legislative issues and he needs to accomplish the equivalent by joining in BJP. He contested for Parliament from Vizag constituency.

All things considered, BJP and Janasena have shaped a union and it would be extremely weird to see Lakshminarayana leaving the last to join the previous. By chance, even Pawan had given a solid counter to Lakshminarayana, saying he continued his acting vocation to help his relatives and there is nothing incorrectly in it. It would be truly intriguing to check whether Lakshminarayana would really join BJP.

Let us see how others react on this.