Vimanam’ Is Made A Universal Emotional Point That Will Connect To Everyone: K. Raghavendra Rao


” ‘Vimanam’ movie stands as an example that if we make kids experience a good emotion during their childhood itself, they will grow as successful adults and achieve anything in life.”, says Darsakendrudu K. Raghavendra Rao. ‘Vimanam’ movie showcases the emotional bonding and love between Father – Son. Siva Prasad Yanala directed this film while ZEE Studios and Kiran Korrapati (Kiran Korrapati Creative Works) jointly produced ‘Vimanam’. The Theatrical Trailer which was recently released by Anupama Parameswaran fetched superb response from all quarters. Senior Director K. Raghavendra Rao watched the ‘Vimanam’ trailer and shared his valuable thoughts. He said,

” I watched the ‘Vimanam’ movie trailer. It came out very well. It gives me a feeling that the film is composed of well-etched emotions. When the director Siva Prasad Yanala is talking about the emotion between Father and Son, It felt very touching and brought tears to my eyes. Producers, Exhibitors, and Distributors should encourage such different content-based films. Parents should watch ‘Vimanam’ and they must show it to their kids too. The kids will understand how much their parents love them and go to any extent to fulfill their dreams. The remaining characters in the film are too shaped very well. Congratulations to Director Siva Prasad and Producer Kiran for coming up with such a heartwarming film. All the best to ZEE Studios. I appreciate ZEE Studios Prasad for backing such good films.”

” ‘Vimanam’ is made with a universal emotional point that will connect to everyone. After watching this Trailer, I remembered one thing. I want to share it. When GMR Group chairman Mallikharjuna Rao Garu got married, he had a Vespa scooter. When his wife asked him to show her the airplane, He took her to Vizag from Raajam on his Vespa. He showed her the airplane over the wall from a far distance. Now, GMR Garu built many top international airports. Everyone’s life has such an emotional point. This film depicts that point in a very heart-touching manner. Samuthirakani, Anasuya, Dhanraj, and Rahul Ramakrishna have their best performances. The music and Background score are impressive. All the best to the entire team.”

Vimanam features Samuthirakani in the role of a handicapped father Veerayya and Master Dhruvan as his son. Other key characters in the film are played by Anasuya Bharadwaj as Sumathi, Rajendran as Rajendran, Dhanraj as Daniel, and Rahul Ramakrishna as Koti. Popular actress Meera Jasmine did a special role in the film. ‘Vimanam’ is releasing on 9th June in Telugu and Tamil languages.

Cast :

Samuthirakani, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Master Dhruvan, Meera Jasmine, Rahul Ramakrishna, Dhanraj, Rajendran

Crew :

Producers: Zee Studios, Kiran Korrapati ( Kiran Korrapati Creative Works)
Writer-Director: Siva Prasad Yanala
Cinematography: Vivek Kalepu
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Music: Charan Arjun
Art: JJ Murthy
Dialogues: Hanu Ravuri (Telugu), Prabhakar (Tamil)
Lyrics: Snehan (Tamil) Charan Arjun (Telugu)
PRO: Naidu – Phani (Beyond Media) (Telugu), Yuvraj (Tamil)
Digital Agency: Hashtag Media