Vidyarthi Review


Film: Vidyarthi
Cast: Chethan Cheenu, Bunny Vox, Raghubabu, Jeeva, Manichandana, TNR & others
Director: Madhu Madasu
Music Director: Vijay Bulganin
Producer: Alla Venkat (AV)
Co-Producer: Ramakrishna Rejeti (RRK)
Line Producer: Vamsi Thadikonda
Banner: Mahas Creations
DOP : Kanna PC
Editor – Nageswara Reddy Bonthala
Dialogues – Naveen Kola – Madhu Madasu
Stunt Master – Ramakrishna;Rating: 3.5/5

Chetan Cheenu and Bunny Vox starrer film ‘Vidyarthi’ is out in theatres. ‘Madhu Madasu’ is the director of the film. The film is produced by Alla Venkat (AV) under Mahas Creations banner. Already, the released trailer and the songs rendered by Vijay Bulganin have impressed the audience. Targeting the youth, the makers came up with an interesting concept. The review is finally here. Check it out.

Chaitanya (Chethan Cheenu) joins late in an agricultural college where upper caste domination rules are valued. Bhoopathi, Maha Lakshmi’s (Bunnyvox) father, is the head of that area. Maha Lakshmi is also a student in the same college. What will happen when Bhoopathi’s rival Satyam attacks him and his daughter? If you want to know all this, you must go to the movie theater without fail.

Hero Chetan Cheenu carries the story very well in every scene and the way other actors also competes is pleasing. The performance of all the actors is extremely amazing. Not only that, in every scene, royalty and dignified were shown on the screen. Bunny Vox will be seen in a new way in this movie as never seen before. Naveen Neni, Yadamma Raju, Raghu Babu and TNR have played key roles in the film despite their short stature. Others have excelled in their respective fields.

Technical Aspects:
Director ‘Madhu Madasu’ must be appreciated for presenting such an interesting story to the audience in such an engaging manner. Also, the way the ‘story’ has been executed according to the budget is good. Bonthala Nageswara Reddy’s ‘editing’ cut is very good. The music provided by ‘Vijay Bulganin’ will definitely leave the audience enthralled. Not only that, the background music is superb. The cinematography provided by ‘Kanna PC’ is okay. The production values of the movie are rich.

We have been seeing caste and religious conflicts in every region for generations. In this film, the director touched the concept by adding his thought process creatively and made an interesting film, altogether. The film’s director ‘Madhu Madasu’ has succeeded in showing such a sensitive subject in his own style, showing how many innocent people are being victimized by the madness of caste and religions.

The way the director tells the story through the ‘story board’ in the opening of the movie is good. The love songs between Chaitanya and Mahalakshmi in college and the chemistry between the two are impressive on screen.

Some of the conversations and dialogues between TNR & Chaitanya in college are tear-jerking. The occasional ‘Yadamma Raju’ comedy is very impressive. Especially, some of the scenes between the students are thrilling. At some places, the scenes lag, but the director has done well with Kadamsam. The way the director has captured the scenes in the climax impresses everyone. The producer also complemented the director with good support. In the end, a very good film took a shape.

Plus Points:
Production Values

Minus Points:
Few boring scenes

Punch Line: Vidyarthi is an engaging drama with a beautiful message