Vedha Movie Review


Directed by: Harsha
Written by: Harsha
Produced by: Geeta Shiva Rajkumar
Starring: Shiva Rajkumar, Ganavi Laxman, Shwetha Chengappa, Umashree, Aditi Sagar and others
Cinematography: Swamy J. Gowda
Edited by: Deepu S. Kumar
Music by: Arjun Janya
Production Companies: Kanchi Kamakshi, Kolkata Khali Kreations
Running time: 156 minutes
Country: India; Release Date, 9/2/2023;Rating: 3.25/5

Kannada star hero Shiva Rajkumar‘s landmark 125th film Vedha is a good hit in Karnataka. Now, the makers have dubbed the film in Telugu and it has hit the screens today. Directed by Harsha, this movie features Swetha Chengappa, Ganavi Laxman and Aditi Sagar in the other key roles. Here is the review of it.

In the 1960s, we get introduced to Vedha (Shiva Rajkumar), who marries Pushpa (Ganavi Laxman). Cut to 20 years later, Vedha is on a killing spree along with his daughter Kanaka (Aditi Sagar). They are chased by police officer Rama (Veena Ponappa). Why Vedha is killing certain people? What happened to his wife? Why his daughter is involved in this killing spree? To know these answers, you have to watch the film.

Shiva Rajkumar gives an earnest performance as Vedha. Even at the age of 60, he is able to pull off these kinds of mass-action roles. His fans will be satisfied by the elevation and action scenes of the movie. His screen presence is the major asset of this film. The female actors get author-backed roles in this flick. Every one of them got a meaty role and they did complete justice as well. Especially Ganavi Laxman steals the show. Swetha Chengappa is glamorous and did her role very well. Aditi is impressive as well. She did extremely well in the climax.

Technical Aspects:
This is writer-director Harsha’s fourth film with Shiva Rajkumar. Harsha took a sensitive female-oriented subject and decided to make a mass hero pull off the story. On the surface level, this is a good idea but the writing is also impressive in many places. Arjun Janya’s music is very good. Both the songs and the background score is impressive for us. Even the songs are good and the story flow is also nice. The cinematography by Swami Gowda is decent but the KGF palette doesn’t suit this film. The production values are great. However, the editing is nice again.

Harsha chooses a non-linear narrative for this film. The film deals with the sensitive topic of child abuse. It also showcases the harassment faced by women. The director wanted to lace up these sensitive topics with commercial elements. But good writing makes Vedha a flat movie. Too many flashbacks has helped the pace and impressed the audience. The colour palette and the editing style remind us of the KGF franchise. It suit the film. The first half is a bit engaging and keeps audiences hooked on the proceedings. But the second half is also good. On the whole, Vedha has noble intentions on paper but the execution falls flat. Thus, it ends up as a boring and half-baked experience for the audience. The production values and release strategy of Kanchi Kamakshi and Kolkata Khali Kreations is good.

Plus Points:
Shiva Rajkumar
Performances of the female actors

Minus Points:
Few lags

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