*’Varudu Kavalenu’ Appeals To Girls & Guys Equally: Director Lakshmi Sowjanya*


In 2017, I narrated the story line of ‘Varudu Kavalenu‘ to producer Chinna Babu garu who was impressed with the central idea. Later, I gave a 30 minutes narration of the film. Chinna Babu garu liked it. We have worked upon it further. But due to the first and second wave of Covid, the film got delayed. I’m very fortunate to get a launch in such a famous banner. As a lady director, I can’t ask for a better launch pad. I’m really thankful to all the cast and crew for believing in me and supporting me wholly. Hero Naga Shaurya and heroine Ritu Varma have really made it easy for me. Nadhiya garu’s role has an interesting role. I’m very lucky to work with experienced actors in my debut. Thanks to producers for this wonderful opportunity.

*Several movies with a marriage backdrop have been released in the past. How different is ‘Varudu Kavalenu’ from them?*

The characterisations of the lead actors are unique. They are very fresh. Heroine Bhumi’s role has a lot of self-respect. She does eco-friendly business in the movie. She is 30-year-old in the movie. Hero Akash is a soft, handsome, well-read and broad-minded person. He is an architect. He falls for Bhumi. The chemistry of the lead pair has worked well. How entertainingly the story is narrated makes ‘Varudu Kavalenu’ different.

*What is the inspiration for ‘Varudu Kavalenu‘?*

I always pick stories from my surroundings. I have a friend like Bhumi. I also have a friend like Akash. It is my imagination that what if a girl like Bhumi and a guy like Akash fall in love?

*Are you under pressure ahead of your debut movie’s release?*

I’m feeling a bit pressured as it is my dream to become a director. However, I’m enjoying the whole process. It was a pleasant experience. It is a beautiful film who can enjoy it in the theatre in a relaxed way.

*How is the support of producers?*

‘Varudu Kavalenu’ is not possible without the backing and support of producers Chinna Babu Garu and Naga Vamsi Garu. Particularly,
Chinna Babu Garu guided me throughout the movie. He made me understand the process and made me work with the team. He guided me in extracting performances from the cast.

*What is the message you are giving to youth with this film?*

There is no message in specific. But after watching the movie, girls will love it hands down. Guys will also like it as it becomes easy for them to deal with girls after this. The movie appeals to both genders. It is a thorough entertainer and connects to girls and guys instantly.

*Tell us about music composers Vishal Chandrasekhar and Thaman.*

Music plays a crucial role in our film. Vishal Chandrasekhar garu gave us beautiful tunes for the film. We opted for Thaman garu for folk numbers as he is known for such tunes. He gave a fabulous tune of ‘Digu Digu Naga’ and it became a chartbuster.

*What are your upcoming projects?*

I penned a couple of interesting scripts for my next. I penned a story revolving around ‘identity’ as identity is key for every person. My next script revolves around the identity of the protagonist where his ‘Aadhar card’ is involved. Director is a responsible job. I’m going to do good movies in the future as well.

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