Top Gear Welcomes 2023 With A Bang: Producer KV Sridhar Reddy


Young and promising hero Aadi Saikumar’s action thriller TOP Gear is due for release tomorrow. The film was directed by Shashikanth, while Aditya Movies & Entertainments is presenting it. The film’s producer K. V. Sridhar Reddy of Sri Dhanalakshmi Productions interacted with media to make some interesting revelations about the movie.

How did the movie Top Gear come out?

The movie has come out well. It will welcome 2023 on a bang. We didn’t compromise in making. In fact, the budget increased by 20% because of the quality. DOP Sai Sreeram’s work is exceptional. Editor Prawin Pudi cut the movie sharply. Coming to Aadi, he is a good performer, a good dancer, and has done stunning stunts for the movie.

What are the parameters for you to select a story?

The story needs to haunt us. When Shashi narrated the story, I liked it immediately. You will appreciate the movie when you watch it. Top Gear will bring a good name for me as a producer.

What are the core elements?

Content-based movies are doing well of late. Likewise, Top Gear is also a content-rich movie. The screenplay is engaging all through. It’s an action thriller. It has the backdrop of drugs. It makes you guess what’s going to happen next. Top technicians have worked for the movie. Harshavardhan Rameshwar’s RR is excellent. AS per the demand of the story, the film has only one song.

What’s the movie all about?

The villain gives a task to the hero who needs to switch to Top Gear. How the hero comes out of the problem forms the crux of the story. In the process, the villain targets the hero’s wife as well. Riya Suman did a wonderful job.

Tells us about your association with Aditya Entertainments?

Aditya Entertainment gave us big support. My next film will also be in association with them. We are in discussions with 2 heroes for our next.

What did you feel after watching the first copy? What did Saikumar say?

Saikumar is very happy with the movie. We too are confident about the outcome.

How many theatres will Top Gear be released in?

We’re releasing the movie in around 200 screens in Telugu states.