The magnificent teaser of ‘FCUK


Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik Movie now popular as FCUK Movie which has been making ripples with its unique posters is finally releasing its teaser in a synchronised release across celeb social media handles at 9am of 1st January 2020. The teaser definitely indicates that the movie is as unique as its posters. The riveting one minute teaser explains each of the character but the talking point is the relationship mentioned between Jagapati Babu and baby Saharshitha. The teaser indicates that the movie is going to be a trendsetting youthful romcom. The four characters Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik and the humorous relationship is intriguing and the film buffs are looking forward to know more. The production house Sri Ranjit Movies and its team are tight lipped and are not revealing any more details about the unique film. The netizens are abuzz with hat the teaser has revealed and about the impressive comments made by the top celebs of Tollywood. Producer K L Damodar Prasad and Director Vidyasagar have set Tollywood abut with the FCUK Movie trailer. Lead actors Kaarthik and Umaa social media handles are abuzz with talk about FCUK Movie.

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FCUK Teaser of Sri Ranjith Movies ProdNo14

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