The birthday celebrations of Bigg Boss Seven Gautam Krishna, who is coming to us as Solo Boy


Bigg Boss 7 contestant Gautham Krishna as Hero for the movie Solo Boy. On Seven Hills Productions, Produced by Seven Hills Satish Kumar, directed by P. Naveen Kumar. Recently, the first look poster of this movie was released. Juda Sandhy as music composer and Aata Sandeep is acting as the choreographer for this movie. Today, on the occasion of Gautam Krishna’s birthday, the movie team organized a grand birthday celebration. Hero Gautam Krishna, Hero Father Manoj, Seven Hills Satish, Director Naveen Kumar, Anita Chaudhary, Comedian Bhadram, Ping Pong (Surya) participated in the event.

On this occasion, Anita Chaudhary said: Special thanks to the audience who supported me in all roles as a mother, elder sister, sister in law. First of all Happy Birthday to Gautham Krishna. I am playing the role of Gautham’s mother in this movie. Gautham is a person who thinks about everyone. Seven Hills Satish Kumar has produced this movie with a lot of passion. Trilok’s camera work as DOP is very good. Every movie has a feel and similarly this solo boy movie also has a good feel. She wish that audience to support the film and make it a success.

Director P. Naveen Kumar said: I am indebted to Seven Hills Satish for giving me this opportunity. First of all happy birthday to Gautham. There is no such difference like small or big film, there is only a good film. Solo Boy is also a good movie. Posani Krishna Murali, Anita Choudhary, Bhadram and Surya who acted in this movie acted very well for their roles. Our hero Gautham Krishna acted very well. He acted in all the emotional scenes, songs and fights with his own style. I sincerely wish this movie to be a success.

DOP Trilok said: Happy birthday to Gautam Krishna. I would like to thank our producer Seven Hills Satish Kumar and director Naveen Kumar for giving me this opportunity. He wish that this film to be a success with the support of the audience.

Producer Seven Hills Satish Kumar said: Special thanks to the media who have been supporting me since the beginning. Whether it is a small film or a big film, the media as well as the audience will appreciate it if it is a good film. This solo boy movie is also a good movie. Thank you to every artist and technician who supported us and worked hard for this film. Similarly, thanks to Posani Krishna Murali and Anita Chaudhary who came forward and said we will do it when we narrated the characters. Bhadram and Surya also played very good characters. Likewise my younger brother Gautam Krishna. He supported me like his own younger brother with this film. Happy Birthday to Gautham. The story told by director Naveen was very good. He said that this movie will definitely be liked by all the audience.

Hero Gautam Krishna said: I am very happy that the movie team is doing this event on my birthday. When I said to Satish Anna that I have a team, there is a new director named Naveen. After listening to the story, Satish Kumar Anna approved the story in a single sitting. All this team also worked on the film with love. Even in terms of budget, we are bringing good content without compromising anywhere. Similarly, special thanks to Anita Chaudhary and Posani Krishna Murali for accepting to act in this movie. I would like to express my special thanks to all those who have supported me since my first film and Bigg Boss journey to till now. Very soon we will come to you with teaser, trailer and songs. He wish that all the audience to support this movie and make it a success.

Actors – Gautham Krishna, Shweta Awasthi, Ramya Kuraleti, Posani Krishna Murali, Anita Chaudhary, Shafi, RK Mama, Bhadram, Anand Chakrapani, Surya, Lab Sarath, Arun Kumar, Rajini Varma etc.

Technical team:
Costumes – Rishika, Veenadhari
Cinematography – Trilok Sidhu
Music – Juda Sandhya
Co-Director – Kinor Kumar
Production Executive – SK Naeem
Lyric Writers – Shyam Kasarla, Poorna Chari, Chaitanya Prasad, Kalyan Chakravarthy
Choreographer: Ata Sandeep
Banner – Seven Hills Productions
Producer – Seven Hills Satish Kumar
Directed by P. Naveen Kumar
PRO : Madhu VR