Teenage love story, Prabhutvaa Junior Kalashala Punganuru 500143 releasing on 21st June


Prabhutvaa Junior Kalashala Punganuru 500143 has increased the excitement about it on social media with its trailer and in no time went into the trending charts. Casting Pranav Preetham and Shagna Sri Venun in lead roles, the movie team has officially confirmed the release date and it is all set to hit the silver screen on June 21, 2024. The censor board certified that the movie as U/A giving a green signal for the family audience.

Bankrolled by Black Ant Pictures banners, produced by Kovvuri Aruna and Bhuvan Reddy Kovvuri, the plot of the movie revolves around a teenage love story of an intermediate. The director of the movie, Sreenath Pulakuram and the director said that the story took inspiration from real life incidents.

The trailer of Prabhutvaa Juniour Kalashala Punganuru 500143, that was released recently has also impressed the audience and started trending on social media platforms. Netizens are showering positive comments over the trailer, and the makers are on cloud nine for the response from the audience.

Now, if you are wondering what’s in the trailer, it shows the love story of an early teenager, Vasu played by Pranav Preetham, who is spending happily with his friends. As he enters the college, he encounters a beautiful girl, Kumari, played by Shagna Sri Venun and falls in love. However, he freezes whenever he sees her and would be at a loss of words. Vasu and Kumari become lovers from their friendship zone. And their relationship thickens to a level that they cannot bear each other’s absence even for a day.

If anyone dares to say a word about Kumari, Vasu would beat them black and blue. And suddenly, Kumari stops talking with Vasu, despite his efforts, she fails to reconcile with him. And the trailer ends with leaving the audience with questions such as why did Kumari decide to stay away from Vasu, will they ever be in love again?

And the trailer also has a special attraction, it’s the romantic song “thanuvu naadi kaani manasu needi kaada”. Further beautiful visuals in the backdrop of a village, feel good love track, emotion, music and other elements have attracted the audience in the trailer.

The team of Prabhutvaa Junior Kalashala Punganuru 500143 is confident that the same response that the audience gave to the trailer would be replicated for the film in the theatres as well.

Cast: Pranav Preetham, Shagna Sri Venun, Ram Patas, Teja Goud, Bombay Padma, Srimunichandra, Mandapeta Mallika Jagula
Banner: Black Ant Pictures
Writer, Editor and Director: Sreenath Pulakuram
Producer: Bhuvan Reddy Kovvuri
D.O.P : Nikhil Surendran
Editor: Kodati Pawan Kalyan
Lyrics: Karthik Rodriguez
Background Score : Syed Kamran
Co-Director : Vamsi Udayagiri