Tamannah’s Glamour for DJ’s Performances


Well known Belgian DJs, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are intending to collaborate with Tamannah Bhatia and their discussion on Twitter uncovers the equivalent.

Vegas tweeted, “Hola @tamannaahspeaks watched one of your movies on the flight! Missed seeing you last night in Bengaluru, heading to Hyderabad today, any recommendations?” Tamannaah replied, “Hey @dimitrivegas on a crazy promotional spree, I heard the gig was insane! Definitely try some Idli Dip Sambhar. Looking forward to our secret project at @sunburnfestival in Mumbai @likemike” Like Mike joined the conversation and tweeted, “Hell yeah @tamannaahspeaks! India has one of the best party scenes on the planet. The love and support is crazy. PS- the background score in the movie was quite dope!” Tamannaah later replied, “Oh definitely @likemike. Indians have this infectious positive vibe. Maybe you should drop some Bollywood numbers on your set in Mumbai @dimitrivegas.”