Talented Hero Ashok Galla, Miss India Manasa Varanasi Launched ‘Babai Hotel’ in Madinaguda


The love for food is universal, across all geographies. We are fond of devouring delicacies and good food. It is quite common for every person to feel more physically and mentally satisfied when eating their favorite food. However, if it is not, the meal simply feeds the body to satisfy hunger but rarely feeds the heart to influence positive emotions.

Babai Hotel is one such place that feeds the heart. Today, a new branch of the popular food chain has been launched in Madinaguda, Hyderabad. The very talented hero Ashok Galla and his latest film #AshokGalla2 heroine Miss India 2020-21 Manasa Varanasi did the honours of launching Babai Hotel’s new branch in Madinaguda.

For the last eight decades, Babai Hotel has been serving delicious food and it has become a favorite place for foodies. Ashok Galla and Manasa Varanasi sent their best wishes to the management of Babai Hotel, after launching the new branch.

Ashok Galla and Manasa’s film #AshokGalla2 is getting ready for release.