Suspense Crime Thriller ‘Thufaanu Hecharika’: First Look Released by Shree Paadha Creations


A suspenseful crime thriller led by Allu Ramakrishna and Suhana Mudwari is currently in the making. Titled ‘Thufaanu Hecharika’, this is the second film from Shree Paadha Creations. Directed by Jagadish KK, the film is a joint production by Dr. Srinivas Kishan Anapu, Dr. Rajinikanth S, and Sunny Bansal. The film unit recently released the first-look poster.

Speaking at the event, director Jagadish KK said, “We are releasing the first poster of our film today. It’s a suspenseful crime thriller. The story revolves around a boy living happily in a beautiful hill station. His life is turned upside down by a storm. The film explores how he copes with the situation and emerges victorious.”

“Our actors and technicians brought this thrilling cinematic vision to life with exceptional performances, even in challenging weather conditions with extreme cold and rain. We patiently waited for a year to capture the right visuals amidst the natural beauty of Lambasingi and Chintapalli locations,” the director added.

“Cinematographer RK Naidu’s exceptional work portrays the freshness of the hill station. I am grateful to our producers, Dr. Srinivas Kishan, Dr. Rajinikanth, and Sunny Bansal, for sharing my passion for this project and providing their unconditional support. The entire team, including the direction department, art, music, and all other crafts, collaborated exceptionally well,” the filmmaker further added.

“Filming is complete, and we are currently in post-production. The film will be released soon,” the producers said.

*Cast and Crew*

* Hero: Allu Ramakrishna (Rakhi)
* Heroine: Suhana Mudwari
* Banner: Sree Paadha Creations Limited, Vintage Pictures
* Presenter: Sarayu Talashila
* Director: Jagadish KK
* Producers: Dr. Srinivas Kishan Anapu, Dr. Rajinikanth S, Sunny Bansal
* Lyrics: Arun Veer, Srimani, Dharma Guduru
* Cinematography: VRK Naidu
* Editor: Jagadish KK
* Art Director: Bathula Siva Sai Kumar
* Production Controller: Srinu Irla
* Choreographer: Adi Ponnas
* Costumes: Renu Kiara
* Sound Engineer: Radha Krishna
* Posters & Lyrical Videos: JK Frames
* PRO: Paul Pavan
* Digital Team: S3 Digital Marketing