Sri Ranga Neethulu’: A content-rich Trailer unveiled!


‘Sri Ranga Neethulu’, starring Suhas, Ruhani Sharma, Viraj Ashwin, and Karthik Ratnam, is a coming-of-age drama that depicts the lives of its characters who are in their mid-20s. It deals with complex emotions in their lives with a touch of wit. It’s a hyperlink drama. Director Praveen Kumar VSS and producer Venkateshwara Rao Balmuri of Radhavi Entertainments are ready with the film’s release. The youthful emotional drama, made as a naturalistic film, will head to theatres on April 11. It will be released by distributor and producer Dheeraj Mogilineni worldwide.

On Friday, the film’s Trailer was released at an event in Hyderabad. Ajay Arasada, Sashank, Venkateshwar Rao Balmuri, Ruhani Sharma, Praveen Kumar, Viraj Ashwin, Karthik Ratnam, Suhas, Kiran and others participated in the event. Speaking on the occasion, producer Venkateshwar Rao Balmuri said that the film will hit the screens on April 11. “Director Praveen Kumar is my friend. He has taken care of all the aspects of this film closely. The output is extremely good. I hope everyone likes the film,” the producer added.

Music director Ajay Arasada said that the film is so close to his heart. “I hope everyone likes the movie,” he added.

Director Praveen Kumar thanked the producer for giving him the opportunity and supporting him. “This is definitely a movie that everyone is going to love. Everyone will connect with the content,” he added.

Actor Karthik Ratnam said, “I have done my kind of a character in this film. I worked with artists whose talent I admire. The movie is very good. I want everyone to enjoy watching it in the theatre.”

Ruhani Sharma said, “I have been waiting for this film’s release for many days. I am happy that I acted in such a nice movie. This is a fairytale. Everyone will connect with each of the characters. While watching a movie, many people feel like they are looking at themselves in a mirror. Praveen is a very talented director. If you support movies of this sort, many more meaningful films will be made.”

Viraj Ashwin said, “The story is the hero of this movie. Praveen is a very good director as well as an excellent writer. I am happy to have acted in this film. The different characters in the movie belong to different types. Everyone from a Basti to Bengal will be able to relate to them.”

Suhas said, “Praveen has worked very hard. I know his journey. This is an anthology movie. You get the feeling of watching a good movie. I hope everyone is going to appreciate our effort. The producer is a very passionate person.”


Suhas, Ruhani Sharma, Viraj Ashwin, Karthik Ratnam, Srinivas Avasarala, Devi Prasad, Sanjay Swaroop, Thanikella Bharani, Geetha Bhasker, CVL Narasimha Rao, and Jeevan Reddy.


Music Directors: Harshavardhan Rameshwaran, Ajay Arasada
Cinematography: Tijo Tomy
Editor: Sasank Vupputuri