Sonu Sood urges government to form fixed income policies for Odisha train accident victims


Saturday morning began on a shocking note for the entire nation with the news of the Odisha train accident. Over 200 people lost their lives and more than 900 got injured in the mayhem. The Indian film industry also came out to express their grief and extend support to the victims and their families, but actor Sonu Sood aspires more to be done for the victims’ families.

The actor who is known to work for the needy and underprivileged, shared a video on his social media where he spoke about the accident. While he expressed his grief and extended condolences to the victims and their families, he also pointed out that the people would move on eventually but those families will suffer for a lifetime.

Sonu said that the victims might be given compensation, but they would get over eventually. So, to rectify that and to ensure their welfare for a longer time, the actor urged the state and central government to join hands and make some fixed income policies for victims and their families of such tragic accidents.

He said that getting regular monetary support from the government would ensure they don’t suffer in the longer run and be able to lead a better life as the loss that has occured to them will always be irreparable. He also asked the governments to not indulge in blame games and just focus on the betterment of the people who have suffered in this horrible incident. Sonu incited a sense of unity amongst all Indians to help the people recover from the tragic loss that has occured.