*Saindhav Director Sailesh Kolanu Launched Theatrical Trailer Of ‘RAM’*


Ram (RAM/Rapid Action Mission) is an upcoming patriotic film based on true events. Deepika Entertainment, in association with OSM Vision is bankrolling the project as production no.1. Mihiraam Vynateyaa who is making his directorial debut also provided the story, screenplay, and dialogues for this movie. Surya Ayyalasomayajula is making his debut as a hero, while Dhanya Balakrishna is the heroine in the movie produced by Deepikanhali Vadlamani.

The posters and songs released so far from the film have received a positive response. A patriotic song sung by Rahul Sipliganj and the romantic number Manathoni Kadurabai composed by Aasrith Ayyangar were well-received. Meanwhile, the film’s theatrical trailer was unveiled. The trailer launched by Saindhav director Sailesh Kolanu received an instant response.

The trailer opens with a powerful dialogue uttered by father of the protagonist who says, “Jeevitham Anedi Oka Yuddham… Chuttoo Manushulu Unnaa Lekapoyinaa.. Nee Poratam Nuvve Cheyali… Aa Poratamlo Naa Ram Gelusthadani Naaku Nammakam Undi… Gelusthaav Kadaa?( Life is a war.. Whether there are people around or not.. You have to fight your own fight.. I am confident that my Ram will win that fight.. Won’t you?)’”

“Ee 60 Yella Swathanthryam Prajaladi Kaadu… Adhikaruladi Kaadu… Rajakeeya Nayakuladi Mathrame…Meeru Appudu Baanisale…Ippudu Baanisale…Eppudu Baanisale…(The 60 years of independence is not for the people… Not for the officials… It’s only for the politicians… You were slaves back then, now and will be slaves forever…)” this dialogue by Subhalekha Sudhakar was impressive. There are many such nationalistic dialogues in the trailer. The sequence that shows the tricolor in the eyes gives goosebumps. While watching this trailer, it seems to arouse interest to watch the movie. Visuals by Dharan Sukre are to notch and Aasrith Ayyangar’s Thumping background score And Powerful performances by All the Artistes made this trailer more instensifying.

Surya Ayyalasomayajula looked promising and he came up with an intense performance in his very first movie. There is ease in his acting. He is good in romantic scenes as well. Judging by the trailer, the movie is packed with all commercial aspects. It has created hype for the movie which is already carrying a positive buzz.

Bhanu Chander, Sai Kumar, Rohit, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Ravi Varma, Meena Vasu, Amit Kumar Tiwari, Bhasha, and others are playing important roles in this film. Aasrith Ayyangar is providing the music for this film, Dhaaran Sukre is the cinematographer.

The censor works are presently underway and the movie is gearing up for its theatrical release. The makers will announce the release date soon.

Cast: Surya Ayyalasomyajula, Dhanya Balakrishna, Bhanu Chander, Sai Kumar, Rohit, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Ravi Varma, Meena Vasu, Amit Kumar Tiwari, and Bhasha

Technical Crew:
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: Mihiraam Vynateyaa
Producer: Deepikanhali Vadlamani
Banner: Deepika Entertainment, In Association With O S M Vision
Music: Aasrith Ayyangar
Director Of Photography: Dhaaran Sukre D A C
PRO: Sai Satish