Rumour: Revanth Reddy to start a political party!


Telangana Congress torch pioneer Revanth Reddy is one of the main opponents of TRS boss KCR and KTR. He inhales fire on KCR on each conceivable event and is viewed as the principal political rival of the TRS boss. By chance, Revanth, who is by and by with Congress feels that he isn’t getting enough unmistakable quality in the gathering.

The Congress central leadership is taking always to choose another TPCC president and this is leaving Revanth disappointed. He was trusting that the gathering central leadership would delegate him as the new president, however, that isn’t going on at any point in the near future. Thusly, Revanth is said to be keen on coasting his very own ideological group. He will run the gathering with his own arrangement of political philosophies. As of now, there are speculations and we need a formal confirmation.