Robotic Bariatric & Gastro Surgery services in Hyderabad


cinee actress Debolina datta presented award to Dr. Ganesh Gorthi

I will extend exclusive services to Film industry – Dr.Ganesh Gorthi

Robotic Bariatric & Gastro Surgery services in Hyderabad

Health & Medicare Achievement award – 2023 to Dr Gorthi Ganesh Robotic Bariatric & Gastro Surgeon, Continental hospitals, Hyderabad.

Most sophisticated technology in the field of Surgery

Hyderabad:- Film & Television Promotion Council of India ( World Book of Records recipient)& State Icons Forum had selected well known Robotic Bariatric & Gastrointestinal Surgeon Dr Ganesh Gorthi for the Health & Medicare Achievement award 2023 for this year.
During the Press meet conducted in Telugu Film chamber of Commerce Preview Theatre, Film nagar on Sunday (25-06-23)- FTPC India President & State Icon Forum founder P V S Varma had said that on behalf of FTPC, they are selecting wonderful talents from different fields across the country for these awards and had selected excellent Robotic Bariatric & Gastro Surgeon Dr Gorthi Ganesh who had Surgical training and Fellowships from India, UK & USA for this award as Dr Ganesh Gorthi is the 1st Robotic Surgeon in India to perform Robotic Bariatric Surgery, Gall bladder surgery, Hernia Surgery etc using Prestigious Made in India Surgical Robot “SSI MANTRA” in Continental hospitals Gachibowli Hyderabad since 2022.

Bollywood actress Debelina Dutta, Chief guest of this programme, had handed over this prestigious award. She had expressed her appreciation for such a wonderful progress in medical field and congratulated FTPC President Chaitanya Janga & Founder of State Icons Forum P V S Varma for these activities.

Award recipient Dr Gorthi Ganesh had thanked the organisers and explained that his Robotic Surgery training was across UK, USA, Middle East and India and he is well versed with Surgical robots made from USA, UK & India.
He said main advantage of Robotic Surgery is very high Precision compared with other types of Surgery and there is a chance that patient can recover faster with less risk of complications.

Dr Ganesh Gorthi also said that at Continental hospitals, they are striving to provide International standard Robotic Surgery services at affordable price to patient population..
He wants to provide services to Cinema Industry also in the future.
Afterwards the Organisers had felicitated Dr Ganesh Gorthi with a beautiful shawl and flowers bouquet.