Review _ Madhi


Film: Madhi
Release Date: November 12, 2022
Starring: Shreeram Nimmala, Richa Joshi, Sneha Madhuri Sharma, Srikanth Biroju, Yogi Khatri
Director: Naga Dhanush
Producer: Ram Kishan,Presents.RV Reddy
Music Director : Pvr Raja
Cinematography: Vijay Tagore
Editor: Pradeep Jambiga;Rating: 3/5

Sriram(Abhimanyu) and Madhu(Richa Joshi) know each other right from their childhood. They are very good friends and then their friendship turns into love. However, their relationship does not get approval from the father of Madhu. She is married to some one else. However, Abhi does not agree or come to the fact with the same. What happens then? Did they get united? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the film.

Abhi, who plays the fundamental lead, was great in his job. He did well in all the scenes and has worked on his part well. The scenes with the leading lady are good. Their chemistry is impressive. Richa Joshi is the film’s female lead and she was perfect in her strong job and put forth a valiant effort. Her exhibition in tense scenes was great to see on screen. The profound string in the film has been dealt with well. The other actors played their parts well too. Kishan, Srikanth, Byroz, and other supporting cast were alright in their jobs. The rest of the cast made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
The film has solid work from the technical team. Every technician have given their best for the film. The music scored by Raja is good. The tunes are hummable and the sons were picturized nicely as well. The melody which comes at a central issue in the last part was great. The editing work is good as was the camera work. The production values are grand in the film.

Plus Points:
Camera Work

Minus Points:
Few lags

A few critical turns in the film and the dramatization displayed during this time were perfect. The scenes connected with the lamentable romantic tale were additionally great to see. The film has a very good story and then an engaging screenplay has worked well too. The makers tried to add an interesting message to the film that has been delivered nicely. The film is loaded up with a constrained show which exhausts the crowd in numerous areas. The film’s pace is nice and it never appears to be slow. The fact that strongly in the film makes the significant string raised. The director has managed everything well and pulled out a stunner.

Punch Line: Interesting Romantic Drama