Ravi Prakash is just a Small shareholder….


A Notice dt. 06.02.2023 for convening the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of shareholders of Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited (ABCPL / ‘TV9’) on 02.03.2023 was sent to all the shareholders for getting necessary approval of the shareholders in regard to merger of its subsidiaries. M/s. Alanda Media is a major shareholder holding more than 97% of the total amount of Share Capital in ABCPL. Mr. V. Ravi Prakash is one of the minor shareholders of ABCPL. The EGM is not for consideration of ABCPL accounts and hence there is no inspection of accounts. Access has been given to Mr. V. Ravi Prakash as a shareholder only to inspect the documents relating to the merger as mentioned above.

This clarification is being issued to put the facts in place, in view of the circulation of misleading information in some social media circles.