“Rakshasa Kavyam” is the perfect movie for current generation: Ace producer Dil Raju at trailer launch event


Abhai Naveen, Anvesh Michael, Pawan Ramesh, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini and Rohini are starring in the movie “Rakshasa Kavyam”. Damu Reddy and Shinganamala Kalyan are producing this film under the banners of Garuda Productions, Pingo Pictures and Cine Valley Movies. Naveen Reddy and Vasundara Devi are co-producers. Umesh Nigg is the executive producer.

The film “Rakshasa Kavyam” is directed by Sriman Keerthi. The film is going to hit the screens on October 6. Recently the trailer of this movie was released by ace producer Dil Raju. On the occasion,

Producer Dil Raju said – I watched the trailer of Rakshasa Kavyam. This is an attempt made by the newcomers in the industry for the current generation. After watching the trailer, I understood that the director has so much potential. Director’s making and taking are good. If you come with a good story, you will surely succeed. The producer has made a good effort with the newcomers. If the film is good, the audience will surely love it. Content coming with negative characters is becoming successful. I am afraid that even if I make a film with a positive story, it will not workout. The makers catched the trend. He made a film that is needed for today’s audience. When the point is being made that heroes should win and villains should win. The film is going to be released on October 6th. In the meantime, taking your film to the audience is a big challenge. If you can bring people to the theaters and if the movie is good then the media will support and the audience as well.

Producer Damureddy said – Thank you to producer Dil Raju who came as a guest for the trailer launch of our Rakshasa Kavyam. With his arrival, our film has got lot of support and I feel successful right now. The big directors and heroes in the industry now are from Dil Raju’s production. We feel happy that he is launching our trailer. Rakshasa Kavyam movie that gives a new experience. Nowhere it will feel routine. You may see more action in the trailer, but the movie is impressive with family emotions and human relations. Coming to you on October 6. We hope you will support our effort. Thanks to Madhura Sridhar Reddy and our partner Shinganamala Kalyan who have been supporting our film since the beginning.

Director Shriman Keerthi said – Thanks to Dil Raju garu who came as a guest for our film celebration despite his busy schedule. After launching the trailer, he said it was good. The inspiration of watching different concept movies like Dil Raju’s Arya and Dil remained somewhere in my mind. I can say that the inspiration for Rakshasa Kavyam is definitely there. Our movie gives the feeling of watching a different movie. See you in theaters on October 6.

Hero Abhai Naveen said – If Dil Raju garu comes to any movie event, the buzz will be more. Rakshasa Kavyam movie will remain special in my career. Because I have not acted in such a character till now. Thanks to Sriman anna for giving me this opportunity. This is a movie that takes you to a new world for two hours. As an audience, I have seen this movie, so I am sure that you will like it. If you like our trailer, share it with your friends.

Hero Anvesh Michael said – We were all shocked when we heard the story of Rakshasa Kavyam. We liked the script so much. Every character is memorable to you. We are very curious to see this movie on the screen. Damu Anna has been supporting the film since I did short films. He gave a good chance with this movie. Watch Rakshasa Kavyam in theater. Waiting for your response.

Heroine Kushalini said – Thanks to Damu garu and Sriman garu for giving me the opportunity to act in Rakshasa Kavyam movie. Our entire team has been very supportive in this journey. Rakshasa Kavyam is going to be unique and new. Watch it in theaters on October 6.

Cast – Abhai Naveen, Anvesh Michael, Pawon Ramesh, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini, Rohini, Yadam Raju, Shivratri Raju, Praveen Dhagaram, Kota Sandeep, Vijay Ambayya, Vinay Kumar Parri and others.

Technical team
Editor and Colorist – Venkat Kalyan
Cinematography – Rushi Konapuram
Music by – Rajeev Raj, Srikanth
Art – Gandhi Nadikudikar
Lyrics – Mittapalli Surender
Executive Producer – Umesh Tigg
Sound Design – Nagarjuna Thallapally
Co Producers, Naveen Reddy, Vasundhara Devi
PRO – GSK Media
Producers – Damu Reddy, Shinganamala Kalyan
Written and directed by Sriman Keerthi