‘Puli-Meka’ will surely entertain the audience: Director Bobby at Trailer launch event


Hyderabad, 21st February 2023: ZEE5 has been relentlessly dishing out a wide variety of content in various formats in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and other languages. ZEE5 has made a name for itself nationwide as a prominent streaming platform since its inception. After presenting the comedy-drama ‘Oka Chinna Family Story’ from Pink Elephant Pictures, ‘Loser 2’ from Annapurna Studios stable, ‘Gaalivaana’ from BBC Studios and NorthStar Entertainment, ‘Recce’, ‘Hello World’, ‘Maa Neella Tank’, ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’ and most recently ‘ATM’, it is now ready with a new Original.

Titled ‘Puli-Meka’, ZEE5’s upcoming offering is a thriller. The streaming giant has collaborated with Kona Film Corporation on this promising web series. Its trailer was released at an event in Hyderabad on Monday. Director Bobby and actor Siddhu Jonnalagadda graced the occasion as guests.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest director Bobby said that Kona Venkat needs no introduction. He opined that each and every episode of ‘Puli-Meka’ has been designed in an exciting manner by the creator. “When Kona garu wanted to rope in director Chakri to wield the megaphone, I was not sure if he would take the baton. He not only got on board but also molded the show with his unique vision. ZEE5 made sure he got all the resources at his disposal. If the output is so good, it’s because of the freedom afforded to Kona garu, the director and the rest of the team. Looking at the trailer, I am sure that ‘Puli-Meka’ is going to be riveting. Lavanya Tripathi is a passionate actor. I have known her since before ‘Andala Rakshasi’. She is so dedicated. It’s nice that she has done stunts without using a body double. Sai Kumar garu’s son, Aadi, has got a very important role in this show. I wish the team, which believes in strong content, all the best. Music director Praveen Lakkaraju, Chota K Prasad, Brahma Kadali and others deserve best wishes.”

Siddhu Jonnalagadda began his speech by wishing Lavanya, Aadi, Raja and others. The ‘DJ Tillu’ actor said that the trailer is really good. “I am a fan of thrillers. It’s a healthy development that ZEE5 is commissioning out-of-the-box content. Kona garu is not only a nice writer but also a very good producer. He is also an awesome human being. He is one of the best people I have come across in life. I feel very happy to have got to know such a person. I wish the entire team all the best,” he added.

Writer-producer Kona Venkat said, “I must thank the Covid-19 pandemic on this occasion. It’s because of the lockdown that I binge-watched web originals on OTT. The pandemic has made streaming content a part of our life. I was inspired to write ‘Puli-Meka’ under their influence. It was with ‘Satya’ that I made a beginning as a writer. The recent blockbuster ‘Waltair Veerayya’ is my 55th film as a writer. I take a new birth every Friday on which my movie releases. It’s my real birthday. It’s writing that can arrest the audience for hours together. ‘Puli-Meka’ was born out of a challenging attitude. ZEE5 agreed to collaborate with us after listening to my 10-minute pitch. That’s how this series started. No matter how good the writing is, the actors and the execution have to be right.”

The writer continued saying, “IPS officer Kiran Prabha is the main force. Lavanya Tripathi was the first name that crossed my mind when I thought about the casting part. She has played it so powerfully. Also, Aadi Saikumar acted in the role of a Brahmin man. Both the actors reposed complete faith in me and came on board. Director Chakri executed everything with 100 percent dedication. He is a filmmaker who is new to OTT. Web series is an art and he did it right, something that has been proven by the teaser and trailer. Composer Praveen Lakkaraju and editor Chhota K Prasad who gave excellent editing and BGM worked together as a very good team. I made Siri and Avinash act in this series after watching the Bigg Boss show. ZEE5 has provided extraordinary support in whatever we did. When you start watching the show, you will see the difference right till the end. Thanks to Ram Charan garu for releasing our teaser and Rakul Preet Singh for releasing a glimpse video. Thank you in advance to Nani garu, who is going to come out with a video soon. Thanks to Bobby and Siddhu garu.”

Director Chakraborty began his speech by thanking the guests. He said that he agreed to helm the project once Kona Venkat narrated the script. “He has shown us what a true showrunner is like. The entire unit was always on its toes. He was the pillar of support for the entire team. Aadi looked like a true forensic expert. Lavanya Tripathi has lived the character. She acted in action scenes without any dupe. I feel honored to have got to direct a senior actor like Suman garu. I also thank our cinematographers Ram K Maheshgari and Surya. Also thanks to Art Director Brahma Kadali garu, Editor Chhota K Prasad, Music Director Praveen K Lakkaraju.”

Lavanya Tripathi said that the presence of Bobby and Siddhu brought glory to the occasion. “I have completed my journey of ten years as an actress. Coming to, ‘Puli-Meka’, Kona garu approached me and asked me to listen to a story he had written for an OTT show. When he started by telling me that my character’s name is Kiran Prabha, I got emotionally connected with it immediately. That’s because Kiran is my mother’s name. Later Adi Saikumar became a part of our series. My character is quite heroic. Each episode of this series has a high. Kona garu has written every episode in a thoroughly interesting manner. The director’s execution is top-notch. Also thanks to cinematographers Ram and Surya and editor Chhota K Prasad. Thanks to ZEE5 for being a part of this journey.”

Sai Tej, Head of Original Content, ZEE5 said, “Who is the tiger and who is the goat in the story? Subscribe to our platform to know the answer. This web series is not a stereotype. Thanks to Kona garu, it has been made a commercial entertainer. The performances are brilliant, the execution is brilliant. Every episode has got a twist. Every episode is as exciting as the climax. It is entertaining while thrilling. We believe that ‘Puli Meka’ will be a trendsetter in Telugu OTT. At ZEE5, we are going to come out with quality original content every month. Every year, there is only one Sankranti. But if you subscribe to ZEE5, every month is like Sankranthi. We will entertain you every month. We are waiting for Season 2 of this series.”

Siri Hanmanth said, “Thanks to Kona Venkat garu. After writing this character, he called me and gave me a narration. I am glad I got to work with Lavanya and Adi Saikumar for the first time.” She thanked all actors and technicians.

Mukku Avinash thanked ZEE5 for bringing out the original. “Kona garu gave me a wonderful character. He followed my episodes of Bigg Boss and gave me a good role. Also thanks to director Chakravarthy. Thanks to Bobby garu and Sidhu Jonnalagadda garu. I have acted as an assistant to Adi Saikumar. Kona garu generated good fun and emotion in my character.”

Raja Chembolu said, “Thanks to Kona Venkat garu for not only planning such a good series but also creating it. Also, I worked with a good team, especially with Lavanya and Adi Saikumar.”

Manikhya Reddy, Vasu, Mayankh, Dharani, Sai Srinivas, Editor Chota K Prasad and others participated in this program.


Lavanya Tripathi as Kiran Prabha
Aadi Saikumar as Prabhakar Sarma
Suman as Anurag Narayan
Goparaju as Diwakara Sarma
Raja as Karunakar Sarma
Siri as Pallavi
Srinivas as Panduranga Rao
Spandhana Palli as Swetha


Banners: ZEE5, Kona Film Corporation
Conceived & Created by Kona Venkat
Director: Chakravarthy Reddy K
Cinematography: Ram K Mahesh
Production Design: Brahma Kadali
Editor: Chota K Prasad
Story Writers: Kona Venkat, Venkatesh Kilaru
Costume Designer: Neeraja Kona
Lyricist: SreeJo