‘Prem Kumar’ Is One Of The Best Movies In Santosh Soban ‘s Career – Producer Shiva Prasad Panneeru


Santosh Soban ‘s latest film ‘Prem Kumar’ co-starring Raasi Singh and Ruchitha Sadineni is getting ready to release on August 18. Shiva Prasad Panneeru bankrolled the film under Sharanga Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner. Writer Abhishek Maharshi is making his directorial debut with this film. ‘Prem Kumar’ is being made with love and entertaining elements. On this occasion, Producer Shiva Prasad Panneeru interacted with media. Here’s the interview.

How is the journey as a Producer?

– I entered into film industry from a different background. Ours is a middle class family. I started business and has been doing it for the last 10 years. Business field and Movie Industry have so much difference. There are a lot of differences in creative thoughts and business in the film industry. I understood one must balance all these aspects to move forward in this industry. This journey as a Producer gave me immense happiness.

Why did you chose ‘Prem Kumar’ story for your first film?

– Prem Kumar is my first film as a producer. I wanted to make a good entertaining film in a limited budget. That’s why we heard to a lot of stories. Satosh too hasn’t done an out and out comedy film in his career. Due to these reasons we finalised this story. All characters have scope to perform. Marriage is only a part of the script. Santosh Soban and Abhishek are very close friends to me. Though I started this film for them, I see very good content in the film. That’s why we increased budget further as per the story of the film.

What are the obstacles you faced as a first time producer while making this film?

– Basically I am a very soft person. I don’t yell whenever problems arise. I belive in talking and resolving issues. If we understand the problem, it solution will be clear. Coming to this film, we didn’t had any issues among ourselves. In the process of a creative journey, differences arise naturally. We understand them as we were friends and moved forward.

What is the triggering point in the story of ‘Prem Kumar’?

– I liked the story a lot. We listened to 30-35 stories. We fixed about Hero and Director right from the beginning. Then we worked out on the story. After many reviews, we locked ‘Prem Kumar’ story. Usually in our films, during marriage time Hero and Heroine gets eloped or gets United after a fight. It has been in the point of view of Hero and Heroine. But, no one thought about what happens to that bridegroom who was supposed to marry the Heroine. There are two, three film which touched that point but not many. I find that point interesting. When his marriage was cancelled last minute, what kind of emotional turmoil he undergoes, what are the problems his family faces? We dealt such points in an entertaining fashion.

Why did you chose Santosh sh Soban as your Hero?

– Santosh Soban is a brilliant actor. He will become a big hero in th coming days. Every actor has a different body languages. This ‘Prem Kumar’ movie perfectly suits his body language. Everyone will say after watching the film that this is his career best performance. So far his films run around him. But, Prem Kumar is based on his character in the film. I believe ‘Prem Kumar’ will become one of the best movies in Santosh’s career. I watched the film along with my family members and friends. Everyone loved and enjoyed it.

About Heroines

– Heroines Raasi Singh, Ruchitha Sadineni performed very well. Director Abhishek has selected them. Phrabhavathi garu, Ashok garu… every character came out naturally.

About next projects

– I have started Sharanga Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner for the sake of my friends only. We have 10 – 12 members in our group. We have directors and writers in them. We started it to provide a base for them. While travelling in this journey, we got more confidence to continue this. We have readied about 40 stories with our team during lock down period. Out of them 10 are ready with bounded scripts. I want to make movies in different genres.