Prabhutva Junior kalasala Punganur-500143 Review


Film; Prabhutva Junior Kalasala Punganur-500143
Cast: Pranav Preetham, Shajna Sree Venun
Director: Srinath Pulakuram
Producer: Bhuvan Reddy
Banner: Black Ant Pictures
Presented by: Mrs. Kovvuri Aruna
Release date;21/6/2024;Rating.3/5

‘Prabhutva Junior Kalasala Punganur-500143 ‘starring Pranav Preetham and Shajana Sri Venu. The film, directed by Srinath Pulakuram, is based on a real-life incident. The film is produced by Bhuvan Reddy Kovvuri under the banner Black Ant Pictures. Touted to be an intermediate teenage love story, the film has created a good buzz among the audience with the teaser and trailers. The promotions of the film have also been done very differently. The film had release on this day. Let’s see how it is.

Story;Vasu (Pranav Preetham) is a first-year intermediate student in a  Prabhutva junior  Kalasala. Kumari (Shajana Sri Venu) studies in the same college. She’s a very pretty girl in college. Seniors, classmates, and even the teachers who gave him lessons keep trying to get his attention. In this sequence, Vasu also likes Kumari. There was no attempt to seduce her. In the end, he manages to resist the competition of fellow boys and proposes to his daughter and makes her accept his love. Their love leads to a kiss. However, the rest of the story is about their love and marriage. To know this, you need to watch the film.

How is the film?

Love stories are always interesting. With a good story plot and gripping screenplay, the youth will connect well on the silver screen. Srinath Pulakuram is the director of this movie. Based on a real incident, the love between teenagers… The attraction is shown very beautifully on the screen. The first half of the film is filled with entertaining scenes from the college. All the scenes between the students in the college are very natural. The conversations between fellow students, how the boys go to college on bicycles, the scenes of girls going to college in buses, the library scenes all remind us of college days again. The songs of the boys who hit the lighting for the girls were shown very naturally. They were also shown blindfolding their parents in poor households. In the second half, the break-up of the teenage love story was told and the mother’s sentiment was well captured. It’s all very emotionally connected.

Pranav Preetam played the role of an intermediate boy in the film. The heroism is mostly without elevation… acted as an ordinary student like the boy next door. Fashion designer-turned-actress Shajana Sri Venu, who acted alongside him, looked very cute as the girl next door. The scenes between them will connect well with the youth. Both of them have scenes without vulgarity. Generally, a teenage love story means that there is a lot of adult content. But there isn’t anything like that. It is a very clean entertainer. The two seemed to be classmates as well. Both parents played their roles well. Hero’s mother sentiment worked well.

The story chosen by the director is impressive. The film is based on true incidents and will appeal to all sections of the audience. The director has successfully chosen a teenage love story and turned it into a good entertainer. The cinematographer succeeded in showing the hero and heroine beautifully and the scenes between the students in the college in a very natural way on the screen. Music is nice. Manglipata impresses everyone. Editing should have been more crisp. Build quality is very high. The film was made without compromises. Go and watch it.