“People Media Factory” is going to be the fastest production company to produce 100 films – TG Vishwa Prasad


After delivering two blockbusters Lakshyam and Loukyam, Macho star Gopichand and director Sriwass are reuniting for another action entertainer, their hattrick project titled Rama Banam. Dimple Hayati plays the female lead in the film produced by TG Vishwa Prasad and Vivek Kuchibhotla under People Media Factory. The film will be releasing worldwide in theatres on May 5th. Today the passionate producer TG Vishwa Prasad garu interacted with media about the films and lot more.

According to the name, how come there are so many movies in making under “People Media Factory“?

Our concept is to produce films continuosly just like a factory, if we make five films, there will definitely be a one blockbuster film. We have adopted the same factory process here.

Did you choose RamaBanam title because Balakrishna garu Suggested?

We have been in search of the titles for many days. We had many titles and Balakrishna garu chose this. Basically this film has brother sentiment along with full length action. So, we thought this is the perfect title for the film.

How much time it took to complete the shoot and how satisfied you are after watching the output ?

This movie is almost one year in production. A schedule was happened in May last year. Then our hero got a small injury. Then the producers council gave a break for a few days. So it took this long because of all these reasons. We have decided to release it in summer. The output is very good. Content wise we are happy.

You are a big production company in the film industry. Also, is there a plan to go OTT and exhibition side?

We are currently presenting the content in OTT. We invest and go ahead with anything related to cinema.

what is the title of PKSDT?

The title is not fixed yet.

Are there any producers who inspired you?

My inspiration is always Cinema. I don’t have any particular personal inspiration, but we will achieve a grand milestone as the fastest production company to produce 100 films.

How does your 10 years journey as a producer feel?

It has been five years of active production. We are a successful production company. In between there was a one year gap due to covid.

Any updates on your next upcoming projects?

Recently Goodachari 2 has been launched. It will take a few more months to go on sets. Currently in pre-production. Karthikeya-3 is in the plan. Chandoo mondeti has other commitments. Let’s wait and see when these exciting projects will happen.