Pawan spills the beans on comeback film


Janasena boss Pawan Kalyan, at last, talked about his rebound to motion pictures and offered an intriguing remark. Pawan Kalyan spilled the beans about his upcoming movies.

A journalist asked Pawan Kalyan, “You said you’d never rebound to films and would invest all your energy in creating Janasena. In any case, that isn’t the situation now. You turned occupied in motion pictures. What is your interpretation of it?”. Pawan Kalyan’s reaction was short and firm.

“What is significant is that I am as yet devoted to governmental issues. I will deal with Janasena,” he said. All things considered, this is the first run through Pawan Kalyan transparently talked with media in the wake of turning dynamic in motion pictures. He didn’t give a solidified reaction however kept his counter was firm.