On Mohan Babu’s birthday, Vishnu Manchu launched the Kannappa comic book series volume 1


As Vishnu Manchu wrapped the second schedule of his much-awaited epic action drama Kannappa, the star had already busied himself with what would herald the next leg of the film’s making. All set to unveil a new creative venture that transcended the silver screen, Vishnu Manchu was excited to celebrate his father’s birthday in a special way. On March 19th, he introduced “Kannappa Story Book Volume 1,” a comic book adaptation of the legendary tale of Bhakta Kannappa. This innovative project marked a departure from conventional storytelling of movies, offering audiences a fresh and engaging way to experience the story of Kannappa.

“Kannappa Story Book Volume 1” promised to bring to life the captivating saga of devotion and sacrifice through vivid illustrations and compelling storytelling. As the inaugural volume in what was likely to be an exciting series, it set the stage for a journey filled with adventure, emotion, and spiritual depth. With this comic book, Vishnu Manchu aimed to make the timeless story of Bhakta Kannappa accessible to a wider audience, including younger generations who may not be familiar with the legend. By blending entertainment with cultural heritage, he sought to ignite curiosity and inspire reverence for Kannappa.

The release of “Kannappa Story Book Volume 1” not only celebrated the richness of Indian culture but also showcased Vishnu Manchu’s commitment to the story itself. Even as he readied the film, he had in a video message requested fans to drop their address on his DM and they would receive the book free of cost.

Talking about it, he said, “I wanted everyone to know about this story. The comic book, much like the movie, was my dream to reach the most stirring story I had ever read to the world. I wanted young people to own their history and I felt this was a great start to start owning our roots. This was not a monetary endeavor for me. I was emotionally attached to the story and I wanted the world to be inspired by the grit and devotion of Kannappa.”

Kannappa, directed by Mukesh Kumar Singh, boasts of a fine crew with renowned Hollywood cinematographer Sheldon Chau, action director Kecha Khamphakdee, and dance maestro Prabhu Deva.

The birthday celebrations for Dr. Mohan Babu garu and the Mohan Babu University 32nd annual day celebrations were a resounding success. Renowned actor Dr. Mohanlal garu graced the occasion as the honorable chief guest, while Mr. Mukesh Rishi attended as a guest of honor. The event was a delightful affair enjoyed by all in attendance.