On 77th Independence Day, Dr. M. Mohan Babu organized Tree Planting Event at Mohanbabu University, Tirupati


Greetings to the people of the Telugu states on the joyous occasion of the 77th Independence Day.

To commemorate this patriotic festival, I have organized a special tree planting event on the grounds of Mohan Babu University in Tirupati. This event holds great significance as it pays tribute to the revered Modugulapalem village, situated by the Swarnamukhi River in the Tirupati district.

About a hundred families from my small village Modugulapalem will be joining me on the campus. They will bring with them soil from their own fields, along with water and natural elements from the Swarnamukhi River. These precious components will be utilized in the planting of a hundred saplings, enriching the university environment.

As the son of Late Shri. Narayanaswamy Naidu, an esteemed elementary school headmaster, I hold close the cherished memories of my upbringing in Modugulapalem. Over the past five decades, the people of the Telugu states have bestowed upon me their blessings, propelling me forward as a respected artist, producer, parliamentarian, and educator.

Despite the demands of my busy professional life, my heart remains deeply connected to my hometown and its people. Their well-wishes and the serene beauty of the land continue to resonate within me.

The act of planting these trees with soil and water from Modugulapalem will forever remain etched in my memory and in the history of Mohan Babu University. These young saplings will grow into towering symbols of my unwavering love and devotion to my homeland.

The Independence Day festivities at Mohan Babu University will be attended by thousands of students, parents, faculty, and supporters, fostering a sense of unity and patriotism

M. Mohan Babu