Nizamabad MP Fires on KCR & KTR


Nizamabad MP and BJP pioneer Dharmapuri Arvind offered some stunning expressions against the TRS party. He hammered the doings of KTR and called him politically uneducated. The politician breathed fire on Telangana state CM and his son KTR. Apparently, he found many faults with the way the government is currently running.

Addressing the media, the BJP pioneer stated, “KTR has failed to help this state previously or after it has shaped. His dad was a decent pioneer yet he is currently being bound in his farmhouse by KTR and Kavitha constantly.”

The BJP MP terminated at the IT serve for making censuring remarks against PM Narendra Modi and home pastor Amit Shah on NRC and CAB. He expressed that KTR had no status at all to level charges against BJP pioneers.