Née kosam movie review


Film: Nee Kosam
Rating: 3/5

A lot of directors become successful in dealing with love stories in the Tollywood film industry. Now, Avinash Kokati is the director who is testing his luck as a director with a new movie Nee Kosam. Aravind Reddy and Subhangi Panth have played the lead roles in the film. Ajith Radharam and Deekshitha Parvathi are also a part of the movie. The film has a caption called, “Love Story ne kadu, Life Story” The film released today and check out the review of the movie here.

Aravind and Subhangi fall for each other. They encounter small disputes among each other. At the same time, Aravind goes to meet a friend and a bomb blast takes place. Aravind Reddy gets injured during the bomb blast and he finds a diary. It contains the story of Ajith and Deekshitha. Exploring more of their love story, Aravind also gets close to his girlfriend. What happens then? Did their love story meet a happy ending? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

Aravind Reddy played his role very well and impressed as a guy next door. Subhangi Panth is also good in her role. She played as a good software engineer in the movie. Ajith has played as someone with modern feelings. Deekshitha Parvathi is good as a middle-class girl. Sudarshan and Sai Pampana are good as comedians in the movie.

Technical Aspects:
The director penned an interesting story for the movie. The screenplay is too good as well. There is a love story in the movie along with a story about life. The youth will connect to the film very well. The music director has given a decent audio album. The background score of the film is too good. The editing is crispy. The cinematography is rich. The production values are grand and rich. The technical team has given their best

The film’s hero was very confident from the beginning. He is so sure that the film will become a hit. By getting inspired from the love stories that took place around us, Aravind Reddy has come up with an interesting love track between the lead pair. A lot of real life incidents are seen in the film and they made the film realistic. The chemistry and the sensible relationship between a couple is explored brilliantly in the movie. On the whole, the film is entertaining. Go Watch it.

Punch Line: Wonderful Tale of Love and Life