Naga Babu Gets More Active In Janasena


Janasena boss Pawan Kalyan selected new politburo individuals for his gathering today. Nadendla Manohar sacked the post. Strikingly, Pawan Kalyan’s sibling Nagababu was named as a political undertakings individual from Janasena. He will assume a key job in Janasena starting now and into the foreseeable future.

Nagababu confronted a major thrashing from Narasapuram voting demographic, however he remained by the gathering in extreme occasions. This appears to have dazzled Pawan and he gave a key post to his sibling now. Notwithstanding, Pawan Kalyan isn’t showing up and that is accepting some genuine fire. It should be noticed that Pawan met Chiranjeevi as of late and the team may have talked about Janasena’s political illicit relationships.