Mr and Miss Review


Mr and Miss is a Romantic Entertainer film with a good message highlighting Sailesh Sunny and Pellichupulu acclaim Gnaneswari Kandregula in principle lead characters. It is a youthful entertainer that is directed by Ashok Reddy who earlier did O Sthree Repu Ra.

A young person lands in Hyderabad in search of an IT job. In Hyderabad, he meets a girl who is going through a heart-break. They fall in love and start living together. One day, they lose a mobile phone that has their intimate moments. It disturbs them so much. How did they lose the phone? Did they get it back? How did it affect their lives? Forms the film’s story.

The lead entertainers are awesome in their Roles. Sailesh Sunny is very decent as an Amalapuram kid. He fit the bill and conveyed his job effortlessly. The female lead entertainer Gnaneswari Kandregula will draw Youth crowds without a doubt. She did her part with flawlessness. Her fabulousness and sex allure will mesmerize youth crowds without a doubt. Youth and Mass crowds will consistently watch this film for Gnaneswari Kandregula. Pawan Ramesh, who played Friend to Sailesh Sunny is awesome. He truly appeared as though an Amalapuram native. He is simply magnificent. Others just did as required.

Technical Aspects:
As the film is without a doubt a sentimental performer, Music is a significant factor and Yashwanth Nag just nailed it. The Songs are acceptable to see and hear. The background score is remarkable. The music will make you become hopelessly enamored with the film. The cinematography by Siddham Manohar is perfectly clear. Each shot looks common. The affection-making scenes look charming and the entire credit goes to Cinematographer and Music chief. The Production Values are high and chief Ashok Reddy conveyed a Perfect performer.

Despite the fact that the entire first half is tied in with kissing and lovemaking, Director Ashok Reddy clarified that Privacy is of most extreme significance in everybody’s life. He obviously said that Private minutes ought to be in Hearts and not in Cameras. Video Scandals are one of the greatest mafia occurring in our general public. Numerous private minutes were being transferred to the Internet unlawfully. Chief Ashok Reddy portrayed this contemporary social issue with a lovely and sentimental storyline. The entire second half is exceptionally grasping and passionate. Sailesh Sunny and Gnaneswari Kandregula lived in their jobs. Generally, Mr and Miss is a Youthful performer film with charming affection making scenes. It’s an absolute necessity to watch films for the youth of the current generation.

Plus Points:
Story & Direction

Minus Points:
Few drags
The film might not impress other audiences

Punch Line: Mr & Miss is a contemporary take on relationships with a message ;Review rating 3.25