‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’ is a unique romantic family entertainer – hero Naveen Polishetty & director Mahesh Babu P


‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’ is a romantic family entertainer in the combination of Naveen Polishetty and star heroine Anushka Shetty. This movie is produced by Vamsi and Pramod under the banner of famous production company UV Creations under the direction of Mahesh Babu.P. On the 7th of this month, ‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’ is getting ready for worldwide release in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages.

In this background, the movie team held a Q&A press meet with the media. ‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’ ticket booking announcement was made with media friends. On this occasion,

Hero Naveen Polishetty said – After ‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’ trailer release, I was amazed to see the way the audience received the trailer, our confidence has increased. It felt like the point we were going to make the film that would connect with the audience. Our movie will release on Krishnashtami day, this movie will be as riotous as Krishna. Recently I got a good response to the standup tour I did as promotions. I interacted with the audience at all places like Vijayawada, Guntur, Ongole, Nellore, Rajahmundry, Karimnagar, Warangal. They are waiting about our film. We are going on a US tour from the 6th of this month.

– I have heard many stories after making Jathi Ratnalu movie. I waited to select a good story that would match the success of Jathi Ratnalu. I stayed in that trance for a while when Mahesh narrated me this story. This is such a good story. Characters have weight. There are good emotions in the movie. There is scope for performance. So we started ‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’. He did not make another film even with lot of delays, he devoted full time to this film.

– Promotion is like a bridge that takes every movie to the audience. Apart from who is doing the promotion, how much we reach our film to the audience is important. I do not meet anyone during the shooting time of the film. I will stay in the world of that movie. We get stressed during the shooting time. But I enjoy the promotion tour. If the audience likes it, they will take the film no matter how far it is from the box office. Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Jawan is also coming on our movie date. I am a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan. Shah Rukh showed how a middle class youth can become a big star. He is my inspiration. We believe that our audience will love all Bollywood and Tollywood movies. The movie is clean entertainer. There is a bold dialogue in the trailer. But there is a reason for that dialogue. You will enjoy that too. When I came to know that I am acting with Anushka, I didn’t react much on the outside, but inside I felt very happy. Anushka’s Arundhathi movie is my favorite movie. It was a pleasure to act with her. After watching the movie you will know why we made these two characters. We don’t have much time for the release of our movie, so we are not able to go to some other places. Audience are asking from other countries to come from UK to visit there. But we are only able to go the US tour.

– I was impressed by the standup comedy character in this story. There is a lot of demand out there for standup comedy. No one is looking down on this art form. We have tried to introduce Telugu standup comedy to the Telugu audience. We shot in real standup comedy studios. We have done research to do standup comedy correctly and done it perfectly.

– Story is more important than director, banner and hero. That story should have emotion, good characters and entertainment. That story is in our movie. So we don’t see whether our director is senior or junior. This romantic entertainer will have a new angle. It was impressive for me and Anushka. We showed our trailer to Nagarjuna. He liked it. I entered the Bigg Boss house as the 15th contestant. The episode was good. It’s going to telecast today. I believe that if a film is made in UV company, the audience will have more reach and the distribution will be done well.

– If the story is good, so if I have an exciting role, I will definitely do it with another star hero. Many people go to Bollywood from Tollywood. But I did a film there and came here. If I get a good story, I will act in Hindi again. Today Telugu cinema statistics have changed. There is a lot of growth. The reason for that is the Telugu audience. The reason is the love they show for movies.

Director P. Mahesh Babu said – Media is supporting our film from the beginning. We are confident in the success of ‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’. We have screened some shows recently. The response to those shows was very good. I read it in a paper with the heading “Polishetty with Shetty”. We fixed the title Miss Shetty and Mr. Polishetty with that rhyming. If you think that what you saw in our trailer is 30 percent, the movie will have 70 percent emotion and entertainment. The whole movie feels like a beautiful journey.