Miss Perfect series Will Impress everyone with cute Romantic Comedy: Abhijeeth


Bigg Boss fame Abhijeeth stars in the upcoming web series “Miss Perfect,” where Lavanya Tripathi plays the female lead. Abhijna Uthaluru also plays a key role. The web series, produced by Supriya Yarlagadda under the Annapurna Studios banner and directed by Vishwak Khanderao, is set to stream on Disney plus Hotstar from February 2. Abhijeeth interacted with media about the film. Abhijeet shares insights into the character, storyline, and genre of “Miss Perfect,” expressing optimism about the series’ potential to entertain the audience.
– In “Miss Perfect,” I portray the character of Rohit, who seems laid-back and lacks a clear life goal. He works for money but doesn’t take it seriously. Rohit’s passion lies in cooking, and I’ve encountered many similar characters in real life—individuals who grapple with career decisions and remain conflicted. The character faces the challenge of pursuing dreams beyond a job, a conflict many encounter in their 30s. Abhijeet reflects on the reality that after 40, taking risks becomes more challenging due to increased responsibilities.

– While some may compare me to Rohit in real life, I take my acting career seriously and am selective. I have recently worked on the “Pelli Gola” and “Modern Love” series, with “Miss Perfect” being my latest web series. It is a romantic comedy with humorous elements, taking place among characters in an apartment. The series features funny dialogues and aims to be both pleasant and entertaining. Abhijeet notes that they faced challenges during summer shoots due to the heat.

– Abhijeeth expresses his admiration for Lavanya Tripathi’s acting skills, considering her a good co-star. The two developed a good friendship while working together, sharing several funny scenes. Lavanya, having acted in more films, brings happiness to Abhijeet’s family, and they all appreciate her acting.

– Abhijeet expresses satisfaction with Supriya being the producer of the series, noting that if he finds a good story, Supriya is one of the producers he’d approach. However, he emphasizes the importance of selecting subjects carefully, as a flop movie could affect even a good relationship. The creative producer Adheep’s narration of the “Miss Perfect” story left a positive impact, and the team hopes the audience feels the same magic while watching the series.