Lorry Chapter-1: First Look Unveiled!


Lorry Chapter-1 is the title of Sreekanth Reddy Asam’s next movie. The young talent has penned its story and is also setting its songs to tune. Besides directing the movie, he is also its stunt master. Produced under King Maker Pictures, the film’s First Look was unveiled today.

Sreekanth Reddy entered the Telugu film industry after completing a direction course at Loyola College, Chennai. He worked in various departments to get a grip on the crafts. After earning so much fame and fandom with his innovative videos on YouTube, he gained popularity and now he is going to be introduced to the silver screen with the movie Lorry Chapter-1, which has Chandra Shikha playing the heroine and Rakhi Singh playing another lead role.

Releasing the First Look, Sreekanth Reddy Asam said, “I started my career as a YouTuber after doing a direction course. I have made several exciting videos on YouTube, all of which garnered a large number of views, affording me popularity. Also, I worked in various departments on many movies. With Lorry Chapter-1, I am coming before you with an action entertainer. I am planning to release it in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali simultaneously.”

The first copy of the movie is ready. The film’s release date will be made official soon.

Movie Name: Lorry Chapter-1
Starring: Sreekanth Reddy Asam, Chandra Shikha, Rakhi Singh, and others.
Banner: King Maker Pictures
Cinematography: Tadipatri Nagarjuna
PRO: Paul Pavan
Producer: Asam Venkata Lakshmi
Story, Stunts, Editor, Music, Direction: Sreekanth Reddy Asam.